girlfriend is on her way


The Atomicfriends are in a tizzy today, because our leader, Atomic, who is LARGE WITH CHILD, is in the hospital due to her water breaking. OMG, what do we do what do we do?? Someone boil water, and someone else tear up old sheets for bandages! It's very exciting that Matilda is on her way--she's a couple of weeks early, but she's apparently too impatient to wait any longer. Who can blame her? Not me, that's who. Life is pretty compelling.

In other news, I will have you know that Leslie and the LY's 'Gold Pants' is the Very Best Thing I Have Ever Bought From The Internet, and I've bought a lot of things on the internet, so that's saying something. Thank you Leslie Hall and cronies! All things considered, I have to say Gem Sweater is my favorite song on the cd, though Beware of the Beats is also amazing, as is the bonus song about dinosaurs.

I don't have anything else to talk about today, due to being very weary and uninspired. This is because I had at least 90 minutes of laying awake last night between 3 and 5 in the morning (which is usually when I do my laying awake--I think of it as The Long, Dark Teatime of the Soul, though I can't remember from whom I stole that phrase) so I'm not that well rested. Not Esther's fault this time; just my brain firing off various emergency flares and Traveller's Alerts, or something. So yeah. Nothing else to say right now.

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