the tiny snow stalker


So, Internet, I totally forgot to tell you that when I was walking home from work a few weeks ago (in the dark), on our old block, I saw a small human figure stalking me, not very stealthily. I called to the figure, "Is that Julian?". He stopped. "Yes. Who's that?", "Eva. Do you remember me? I used to live in that house" [*pointing*]. "Ohhh! I remember you." "So, Julian, were you planning to throw a snowball at me?" "...maybe". "Even though you didn't know it was me?" "...maybe". "Well come on, then. Throw it." He threw it and hit me in the leg. I went home. Can you believe that kid would be stalking a stranger (as far as he knew) with the intention of throwing a snowball at them? That kid has a big future ahead of him. Of what type, I do not like to speculate.

Tomorrow morning I'll be seeing a naturopath, to try and get some answers about my gut problems (my current theory: gallbladder isn't working right) and maybe some relief. I know I may not get that, but I sure as shit am not getting it with allopaths, so it's worth a try. I'ma go full hippy on this situation and hope for some help.

This weekend I did chores and grocery shopped and cooked and baked and knitted and that was about it. I went to UU church on Sunday, and it was something called candlemas, where candles for the next year were brought to church by the congregation and blessed. [Yes, yes, I know. I'm rolling with it.] I didn't bring a candle because I can't burn them due to Esther's asthma, but next year, just to be a huge smartass, I'm going to bring the giantest, most hideous candle I can find while thrift shopping this year. I can hardly wait! Oh, but speaking of the UUs, today I found out that in months that have 5 Sundays, on the 5th Sunday they don't do a service; they do a potluck brunch instead. Yay, I love brunch! This Sunday is a 5th Sunday, and I don't know what I'll bring, but definitely something delicious, and probably vegan.

In early March I'm going to San Jose to see my beloved Catie and Kimmy for a weekend, and man, I am super excited. Francisco bought plane tickets for me today, and they only cost $5 because he used miles. I told him that was awesome because now I can spend hundreds of dollars at the Alameda Flea Market, but I don't really intend to do that, UNLESS I find something that's so unbelievably amazing it would tear my heart out to pass it up. This is very unlikely to happen. The flea market will be fun, but mainly I just want to hang out with those broads and talk until we're exhausted and have all lost our voices. I think we'll also go to a beauty supply store and will eat delicious foods, and I want to pet Seamus while he eats and kiss his face until he cries.

I'm doing a Valentine exchange with some internet friends, and I was going to work on mine on Sunday but didn't feel well enough (thought I was getting a cold, but I guess it was a false alarm). I'm excited about it, though, and I know exactly what I'm making, and next weekend will be when I make them and get them ready to mail. Ha, I just edited the previous sentence from "finish them" to "make them" because I realized that getting out supplies, as I did last weekend, does not equal starting the project. Though it does help.




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