There she is...Miss Aquarius With Libra Ri-i-sing...


Okay, Matilda is officially here; she was born at 11:25 last night (per Dreas--we'll know who to blame if that's wrong) and weighed 5 pounds and change (this info still pending, because Dreas only cares about when she was born, since the time of her birth affects her astrological forecast). She and Atomic are doing well. No info on how well Assa is doing, but we can assume he's okay, as he did not push a child out of his body yesterday. Congratulations, Kittens!

BTW, I know most of you don't know Atomic and Assa, so thank you for bearing with me/completely skipping that paragraph (as you saw fit). Continuing the theme of people you may not know, can I just say how much I'm crushing on Getupgrrl today? Her blog entry about female "selfishness" is SO on the money--I urge you to read it, but of course this is not a requirement.

Did I tell you about the "prayer child" that came with one of the Baby Jesuses I bought last week? The Jesus and child finally arrived yesterday, and that prayer child is Great! It will worship ANYthing.

I keep typing things and then deleting them, because I keep thinking, "Meh; no one cares about that but me". I mean, do you care that I managed to hold out until 11:45 today before I ravenously devoured my lunch? Doubtful. What about how One Ring Zero turns out to be playing in Raleigh on Saturday instead of tonight, which I'm very pleased about since I dislike going out on weekday nights? No? Okay, but what about how Francisco made a music video out of the footage he took at Boy's Tae Kwon Do tournament last week? Huh? HUH? It's a pretty good video, but if you don't care, well, then SCREW YOU GUYS: I'M GOING HOME.

Love and kisses,
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