the Rachel Zoe collection


It's possible that when a person looks at a new designer's collection and thinks, "I like it. Some of the pieces are a little snoozy, but overall the collection is on trend and stylish", that person is a little too obsessed with Project Runway.

Oh but I miss that show! When's the next season?

On a completely different note, the Shark called last night to say he and his lovah are all moved into their new place, and he said earlier that day he'd had the power bill changed to his name and had made an appointment to have wireless internet installed. I was speechless for a moment at how grown-up this kid is sounding now, and though I'm still concerned about how he and his lovah [btw I've been trying to think of a nickname for her, and so far I don't have a good one] will cope with parenthood, I can't help but be happy he went from an unemployed and irresponsible all day video game dude to this super responsible dude who has a full time job as a caregiver for disabled people. I can barely reconcile the two, but I'm so proud of him and I really like responsible Shark. I can't wait to see him later this month!




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