you win


1. Fine, Internet, fine--you nagged me into it. At long last I went to my doctor yesterday morning, for the digestive troubles I've been having. I made the appointment last Friday after having breakfast and feeling horrible for two hours afterwards--it is obvious this thing is not going away on its own. My doctor listened to my symptoms and prodded my stomach area and agreed that the condition sounds suspiciously gall-bladdery in nature. I will be getting an ultrasound on my guts on Thursday morning, and for today and tomorrow I have to chew two anti-gas tablets with each meal and two before bed. I have no idea why I have to do this, but I am following instructions. These tablets are not delicious, Internet; I hope you are happy. The things I do for you.

Also, thanks for caring about me. For real. You are wonderful.

Also also, I will fully admit that this digestive disorder, whatever it turns out to be, has definitely gassed me up something good. So the anti-gas tablets are not going amiss, their Official Purpose notwithstanding.

2. I recently bought some super cute Keen mary janes from Zappos, but unfortunately the strap is Way too loose and there's no way to punch extra holes to tighten it up. I mailed the shoes back yesterday. I wonder how many more times I can order from Zappos before they cut me off for recidivistic shoe returning.

3. The overnight temperatures are getting down below freezing this week, which mean that I'll have a dining table full of green tomatoes, probably as of tomorrow night. It's supposed to be 33 tomorrow night and I know that's not officially freezing, but I kind of think that one degree won't make much difference to the produce left in the garden. And anyway, on Thursday night it's supposed to be 31, which IS official freezing. I will pick it ALL (except the leeks--they're hardy) and sort it out later. And then you know what? No more watering!

4. Tomorrow morning the cleaning people are coming for their first visit. They always visit in pairs (which I think is v. smart, for their safety), so even though they're only coming for one hour per week, it's like two man hours of cleaning, which will hopefully be enough for our small house. We'll see. I'm not prepared to pay for two hours per week (what that would cost would not be worth it to me), so hopefully one hour is enough; if not I will call the experiment off.

5. I'm a little nervous to talk to the cleaning people; I don't know why.

6. We had a good weekend. Sonny gave us some tickets to the Eburg film festival (he's on the film festival board of directors--give him another year and he'll be town mayor) and we saw a couple of good films. We saw 'Red Gold' and 'A Wink and a Smile'. Red Gold is about how a proposed mine in Alaska could (probably would) negatively affect salmon fishing; it is beautifully filmed. Very good. A Wink and a Smile is about burlesque; specifically about burlesque in Seattle and a class of students who were learning the art of burlesque. It, too, was awesome. In addition to seeing good films, we hung around the house in pajamas and Francisco cooked some leeks and some tomato sauce; we froze both things, as well as some peppers. And I think we did a tiny bit of shopping, but just for groceries and stuff. Only 6 weeks of sleepaway police to go! We can do it.

I go home now to make some food to eat with my GAS PILLS. I have never felt more beautiful.




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