I'm sure they just really care about us as people


If you ever start to feel lonely or like nobody cares, here's what you do: Go to several car dealerships and act as though you're interested in purchasing a car. Leave your contact information with a few salesmen and you won't be short of solicitous phone calls for weeks or maybe even months. There's a guy who's called us once a week for two months from the Toyota dealership in Yakima, and he always calls before 5 on weekdays so I haven't been able to tell him thanks but we already bought a car. He is very persistent.

And now that we've bought one, the kid who sold it to us, Wayne (I call him a kid because he can't be older than 24), has been calling a couple times a week to make sure we're happy with it and that we don't have any questions. He talked to Francisco last Friday, but then he called again today and left a message to say if we had any questions or concerns, we should call him on his cell phone. I'm positive it's Toyota's policy/procedure for salesmen to make these calls--they think it seems caring but it's actually intrusive and weird. I half expect to wake one night to find Wayne gently tucking the covers around my body. At my cry of alarm, he will smooth my hair soothingly and whisper, "Shhh...it's Wayne. I just wanted to check and make sure you're happy with your Rav-4".

Sorry to be such a bad updater lately. Work continues to be crazybusy and I'm so tired by the time I get home that it's all I can do to scratch some dinner together and clean up the inevitable pile(s) of cat barf. Esther has finally been using her cat door; she's been going out to the sun porch during the day for the purpose of eating the wheat grass I bought them. She then comes back inside and vomits the grass, on a rug if at all possible. Today she missed a rug by millimeters, which must have disappointed her terribly. So close! I wish I knew what the cats got out of that eat grass/barf grass procedure; it is very mysterious.

I'm going to bed now so I can get up at 5:00 and do some yoga.




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