I'm wearing fuchsia colored tights today and this is pleasing me.

Also pleasing me is having gotten my abdominal ultrasound over with this morning, first thing. It took a bit longer than I was expecting, but I guess thoroughness is good. The tech lady didn't say anything was abnormal, but I'm pretty sure she found something (HOPEfully gallstones--out of all the things that could be wrong with one's guts, gallstones are comparatively minor), because when it was over and I was wiping gel off my belly, she was typing stuff on the monitor, and when I turned my head to look, she turned the monitor away a little. She didn't do it in a rude way, but it was definitely in response to me looking at what she was doing. So whatever; hopefully I get the results soon.

During the ultrasound I asked the tech if she'd ever seen anything bizarre in someone's belly, like a toy car or something, and she said no but that once she was ultrasounding an unborn baby and saw it was holding an IUD in its hand.

Tonight is the Big Harvest--temps are now supposed to be in the high 20s overnight. I'm going to get myself something for dinner on the way home after work real quick, because after all that garden work I'm not going to feel like cooking, or have a lot of time to do so. I sort of want to buy a roast chicken, but the truth is all I like is the dark meat, which is fatty, and fatty things hurt my guts. So I guess I'll get something else, dammit.

Oh, you know what? It turns out having cleaning people is absolutely worth the money. They cleaned things I never even think to clean, like the electric pencil sharpener. They also cleaned the window sills, which I had not specifically requested, but they Were dusty. And of course they did the bathrooms and floors and etc. It was So Nice to come home to a clean house. I may decide, down the road, that I'd rather clean the house and save the money cleaning people will cost us, but for now it seems like a good thing. The cats responded to the cleanliness in different ways: Esther pooped on the rug next to the cat box closet, and Lucy threw up on two different rugs in the living room. Charmed, I'm sure.

Okay, I'ma wrap this diary entry up so I can head home and start toiling in the backyard. Have a good night!




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