So, the Hantavirus. Catie asked, last Friday, where a person could pick up such a thing, and at that point I didn't know,but since then I've found out it's most likely from the shooting range the police frequent (the range is outside of town), and specifically probably from the target shed. Officer Ng was a weapons instructor so he spent extra time at the range and had to rummage around in the target shed (which Francisco says is full of stuff and very unorganized and would be a good place for mice to live), so that's why they think it's the source of the virus. It's impossible to say it was Definitely from there, because the virus can't be detected unless the mice are actively shedding it, but the range is closed for rodent extermination and I intend to make Francisco promise to never go in the target shed ever again. He hasn't been going in there, because he mail-ordered a bunch of targets and has been taking his own, but still. No more going in there, ever.

Motherboy Update: Since purchasing a de-worming medicine for him 3+ weeks ago (after observing him with a distended belly I presumed contained worms) I had not seen hide nor hair of him until last Friday afternoon, when he happened to be walking through the yard of the old house. I fed him, of course, and have not seen him since then. And now I don't think that's a wormy belly--I think he's got another litter of kittens in there; it's definitely gotten larger. This is upsetting and I want to kidnap him, but if I don't know when he's going to show up at the rental house, how can I do it? That house is definitely rented now, as of yesterday--we ran into the landlord and he said he'd finally rented it. There was a car in the driveway and a moving van on the street when I went by this morning. Because of the difficulties of trying to kidnap and house her, and give her a new life that she would actually Want, I think I'm going to have to let Motherboy go. It makes me sad to imagine her spending her undoubtedly short life having litter after litter of kittens, but the logistics of the kidnapping operation and subsequent living situation feel like too much right now. Everything feels like too much with Francisco gone most of the week, but especially this. I don't have the emotional wherewithal right now to deal with a hysterical, kidnapped cat who'd have to live in the garage because my cats would not tolerate her in the house, and who would be lonely without the other stray cats she hangs out with; she seems very attached to them. I feel like these are all just excuses, and I guess they are, but I don't have it in me to do this now, even though that makes me an wimp and an asshole.

And I don't have the time to write something happy that might redeem this entry, so we're going to have to end with my assholishness. Great.




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