A week ago, one of our Ellensburg City police officers died; his name was Nelson Ng. He was 34 and was in great health, yet he became ill with flu-like symptoms, was admitted to the hospital a few days after he first got sick, and died that same day. The cause of death was Hantavirus. He was the officer Francisco did his first ride-along with, and I met him once also; he was one of the officers who responded when some fool drove an SUV into the creek next to our previous house and then abandoned it. By all accounts he was a great person and a great police officer. He had a wife and two young children. I hadn't talked about his death here because I didn't want to trivialize it in any way or act like it was a tragedy affecting me, personally, but I'm talking about it now because this afternoon his funeral procession passed by on the street next to my office building, and I went out to pay my respects. There were people lining the street, and I am glad to live in a town where people will stop what they're doing and take a few minutes to show respect to a good man who died too soon. The procession was mostly made up of police vehicles and it was blocks and blocks long, with cars from all over the state. It was an incredible thing to see and very moving.

That's all I want to talk about today.




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