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Get This: Yesterday at a little past 5:00 I was finishing some stuff up before going to my yoga class, and the big boss was still in her office as well. She left before I did and paused as she was passing my office to ask how I was enjoying the newest task I got (given to me after a coworker left). I told her I was enjoying it pretty well, now that I had figured it out, and she shared with me that she has a plan to create a new position that would be in charge of this particular task, as well as related tasks done by two other people at the university. She said if I was interested AND if her plan came to fruition (it would involve transferring one of those other people to a whole different job), she would like to give me first crack at the new position. Um YES PLEASE! I so hope that plan works out, because I suspect I would like that job a whole lot better than this one. Some of the key aggravations in my current job would be eliminated, but I'm sure there would be new aggravations; that's unavoidable. I'm trying to be very cautious in hoping for this, because it could completely fizzle, but MAN I would like for it to happen. *fingers very firmly crossed*

A couple weeks ago, maybe, I mentioned that my gall bladder grumbles sometimes if I've fed it something a bit fatty, and that I wouldn't be surprised to have to have my gallbladder out someday, given that my mom had to have that done (gallstones). Last Friday I was having a weird achey pain in my stomach area that was radiating through to my back, and though I tried to talk myself into thinking that it was my stomach complaining because I'd taken ibuprofen and irritated it, I think that it was my pancreas complaining, PROBABLY because of gallbladder issues. In response to this I have laid off alcohol (I miss my nightly glass of wine, but not enough to endanger my health) and am limiting fats in my diet and etc. Still, last night after eating my salad, the gallbladder area kicked up small fuss. I think it was less because of what I ate, per se (though the salad had blue cheese dressing on it) and more because that salad was truly enormous; I couldn't finish it all. CONCLUSION: I might be having that gallbladder out sooner than later. I have not gone to the doctor about this yet for two reasons: 1) I haven't had any major pain, just some aches, and most likely he would tell me to avoid alcohol and fats, which 2) I am already doing. The internet says there's really nothing else that can be done for gallbladder/pancreas issues other than diet changes, so I'll wait to consult my doctor until I have a Real attack, may it not happen anytime soon.

Oh alright. Reason #3 for not yet going to the doctor: The internet told me that to diagnose gallstones doctors insert something down the throat, through the stomach, and into the gall bladder. I WILL WAIT ON THAT.

Hey, I forgot to tell you before? But on Sunday I bought a super adorable cowboy-type shirt to wear to Xtreme Bulls, Saturday after next. I've been planning on attending this event [TWYLA] for a few months now, so it's probably about time I got tickets, yes? It would be super sad if I had my outfit in order but then couldn't even go. Anyway, I really love this shirt, mostly for the stitching on the back and for the cuffs. I've been admiring cowboy shirts for awhile, and finally I had the perfect excuse to buy one. It may be the first of many.

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