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Conversation I was forced to have with my boss this morning:

HIM: Have I ever told you how much I like you?
ME: I'm not sure. Maybe you could write it down in a card and also put some money in there.
HIM: I could, or I was thinking about a design for your next tattoo.
ME: *look of horror*
HIM: What, you wouldn't want a tattoo that says 'Bert [editor's note--not his real name] loves Eva'?
ME: Ack! oh....I just threw up a little


Liverpool beat Sunderland in the game we watched last night, and it's a good thing, since Sunderland is at the very bottom of the premiere league right now. Peter Crouch didn't score a goal (he hasn't scored a goal yet for Liverpool--this is making people restless, since he cost Liverpool a lot of money), but he came so, SO close at one point. He was just about to score when he had his feet swept from under him right in front of the goal, but the blind and/or corrupt referee didn't give a penalty kick. This is injustice at its finest and every man jack of the Liverpool management was on the touchline and screaming, though it did no good. Anyway, it was a good game, off and on, and as always, I enjoyed seeing my secret boyfriend, Sami. I also enjoyed composing the beginning of what will surely be a #1 hit single when I've finished it. The inspiration is Sunderland jugador Dean Whitehead. Click that link to see his picture; I will wait. Are you back? Awesome. So far I have only the first two lines of the song written, but I think you can see it's a winner:

"Bony face, bony face
Looks like an Easter Island stony face"

I'll need to go shopping for a slinky dress for the Grammy awards ceremony, but I'll wait until after the holidays.

Last night's 'rewinding film in the pitch dark' thing worked out extremely well; I KNEW my blindness was good for something. I put another roll in and brought the camera to work again so I could go through with my plan of walking in the gardens at lunch. I took almost 30 photos, all of them fabulous, I'm sure. And by fabulous I mean potentially horrible, because though I read up on the f-stop nonsense, I'm still going on guesswork. Francisco suggested I buy a light meter, but I think that would take all the fun out of it (he agreed). Guesswork it is! He was kind enough to drop my first roll of film off to be processed today and I can hardly wait to see how they turned out or not.

I've been so unproductive at work this week; it's shameful. We're having a meeting in a few minutes and this is my excuse to cheat you out of your Songs of the Day, which probably no one cares about anyway, but I will beat that feature into the ground if it's the last thing I do. I'm going to post this and caffeine up so I can stay awake and maybe even pay attention during the meeting. I hope you have a great afternoon and evening!

Love y besos,
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