Xmas! Let's fight


I always run out of time to write on Fridays, because I always procrastinate so much on Fridays AND because I always want to leave at exactly 5:00. This is where listing things comes in handy, suckahs.

This Weekend, I Will...

1) Try out various bloody mary recipes, because I have had one good bloody mary in my whole life and several horrible ones, and I am determined to experiment until I hit upon the perfect bloody mary. This starts tonight (another reason for my haste).

2) Do some Xmas shopping. Yes, I said Xmas. I have been informed this afternoon that some idiot has written a book called The War On Christmas, which alleges that the non-Christians in this country are trying to rob Christmas of its meaning, but here's the thing: I don't believe in Jesus. I know he existed, but I don't think he was the son of God (whoever that is). I could just totally not celebrate Xmas at all, as could everyone in this country who is atheist or religious but not Christian, but if we did that it would bring the economy to its knees. FACT. I am not trying to be offensive when I say these things, but I'm a little worked up right now, since I just heard about this fool book and haven't had a chance to calm down. I have nothing against Christmas or people celebrating it as a holy day, but don't try to make me celebrate something I don't believe if you don't want me and mine to force you to celebrate Robert Mapplethorpe day, or something.

3) Hopefully make a new pocketbook--I want to do it, but sewing always takes longer than I think it will and I'd rather not waste 4 hours on it, so we'll see.

4) Probably ignore the Contaflex again. Let's be realistic.

5) Perform other duties as assigned.

Recently I've been awfully damn hungry at work and wishing I had something to snack on, but the only things anyone brings in are sweet things, and I don't want those. This is why I've decided to institute Nacho Thursday. (I don't know why Thursday; I just think it sounds best.) I will bring our crockpot and some cheese sauce and a huge bag of chips and we can have that instead of "Twix Bread" and the like. Obviously we don't NEED Nacho Thursday, but it would be something different, and different is Never bad. Until you can't fit into your pants, but we'll deal with that if/when it happens.

Arghh, would you look? 5:08 already! I have lost three crucial minutes of drinking time. Why oh why can't I type faster??

I'll get back on the Songs of the Day thing next week, and I'll make up for missing two days worth by linking to extras. I'm glad someone likes them [Hi Max!], because I do too.

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