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If you have the Moosewood Cookbook, you should get it out immediately and look up Stellar Mushroom Sauce (for pasta), because it is so delicious you won't want to wait another minute before making it for your dinner. Francisco used to make it every so often until Sharky and his dislike of mushrooms arrived on our doorstep, but he made it last night and oh my mom I had forgotten how good it is! Sharky even liked it a lot and devoured two bowls, so I guess the mushroom sauce with pasta is back on our menu. Awesome.

Francisco and I went for a walk during lunch today and I finished off the first roll of film on the Smena. I will wind it back in total darkness tonight and reload the Smena with a roll of 36 exposure film, because I want to go back to the gardens we walked in today; they are gorgeous at this time of year.

Songs of the Day:

Teddy Thompson -- Everybody Move It, at songs: illinois.

Gus Gus -- Bambi, at Fluxblog.

William Shatner -- Has Been, at When Apes Rule the Earth!.

In closing, here is a photo of the Homies manger in our living room:

Homies in the manger

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