the five years we have had have been such good times; I still love you


Sometimes the only thing that keeps me from charging into my boss's office and banshee screaming at him is willfully pretending he is genuinely mentally retarded. I made the following just for him:

are you feeling lucky?

...not that he'll ever see it. The Warning Label Generator is my new favorite toy. Check it.

I had some very bizarre dreams this morning. I dreamt I was one of the biological parents of Nicole Ritchie (not sure if I was her mother or father--I don't know WHO I was in that dream) and that I was going to buy her a car because she had fallen on hard times and her car was junky and unsafe. In another dream, a sacrifice needed to be performed, so I gave someone a basketful of kittens to be strangled, only realizing at the last minute that Esther and Lucy were in the basket also. HORROR. In yet another dream, I slapped a fat George Clooney across the face, playfully, and offended a busload of religious people by saying 'goddamn'. Fat Clooney was the conductor of the religious bus, so I whispered to him that he should get off the bus with me momentarily so he could appear to be admonishing me for my blasphemy. Ahhh, what an awesome night's sleep that was.

Songs of the Day:

Lorenzo's Music -- I'm Doing Fine, at What Comets, Stars, and Moons Are All About. Seriously, this song is quite good.

Sufjan Stevens -- Come On! Let's Boogey to the Elf Dance!, at My Old Kentucky Blog. As you may have noticed, I like Sufjan Stevens.

Oh No! Oh My! -- Walk in the Park, at Music (For Robots).

Future Bible Heroes -- Don't You Want Me?, at Music Cherry; Human League cover, and hard to find on the page, but you can do it.

As you may remember from previous Christmases, Francisco and I don't exchange gifts; instead we get something we both want. Last year it was a digital video camera, and this year it's a new mattress. Huzzah! Better sleeping! It's the perfect thing. But we need to start shopping for gifts for other people, chop-chop, because so far we only have one. I know what gifts I want to give most people on our list, but just haven't actually purchased them yet--see also: lazy--but I'd rather be lazy than crush into the mall on the day after Thanksgiving and trample people. I have to say, when people stampede to the mall, hell bent on buying the hottest toys for their kids and end up getting into fights with other people and etc, it makes me think they have completely lost touch with reality and what's important. Sharky has been strongly hinting that he wants an X-Box 360 for Christmas, and Francisco and I haven't for one second considered getting it for him. Just because it's a "hot toy" and he says he wants it doesn't mean he needs it and should get it (and we have told him he's not getting it, so hopefully he knows we mean it). I don't know what drives people to spend [probably on credit cards] thousands of dollars on Christmas presents for their kids and get them everything they want, I really don't. Is it guilt of some kind? It's groce; that I know. Does this pompous tirade make my ass look big?

Tonight we get to watch the Liverpool vs. Manchester City game, which was actually played on Saturday but is only now being shown on the Fox Soccer Channel. I already know Liverpool won and that poor Peter Crouch still hasn't scored a goal, but now I get to actually see it, and watch my super secret boyfriend in action again. Could there BE a better Tuesday night activity? I don't think so.

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