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My employer sent out an announcement yesterday to say that a new parental leave policy has been established, wherein people who have babies or adopt children are eligible for 3 weeks of paid leave, starting September 1. Now of course this is a good idea and I'm all for it, but Employer, YOU'RE A LITTLE LATE! If this idea had gone into place a few months ago, I could've had 3 weeks off with pay (without having to use vacation or sick time), and that would've been very nice. I'm not truly angry about this but I'll tell you, if I'd actually had a baby a few months ago (instead of adopting), I would be So Pissed.

We get email every week from the CSA farm, letting us know what produce we'll have in the week's delivery. The following was included in yesterday's email:

"Presently we are busy here at the farm cleaning up summer messes and planting for fall. Visible stakes, sagged down strings, and a mass of dried up vines are indication that tomatoes are finished for the season. I look at this picture and realize that I come out of the endeavor looking somewhat like president Bush: I have a satisfying

feeling of accomplishment but wished I could simply hide the mess."

I thought that was clever.

Last night when I got home I changed into pajamas, as is my way when I'm not leaving the house again in the evening, and when I reached under my pillow to get the pjs, there was a little box with them. Apparently Francisco and Boy had run some errands and had gone to the Whole Foods in Chapel Hill that has the Artomat, and Boy took it upon himself to buy me a present out of it. Isn't that sweet?? It's another bottlecap pin, with a different picture than the other one I have, and I like it a lot. Wore it today and felt a little warm glow at his thoughtfulness.

I'm slowly but surely catching up my work, and when I say catching up I'm talking about Deep Clean Catching Up, wherein I do every last little piddly thing pending, even the things I've put off for months and months because they're not important. This is a good and necessary thing, because I play on the internet a lot and if I get caught I want to be able to point to my spotless in-box and gleaming desk surfaces, indicating that I am doing a kickass job. And it's a satisfying thing, too, to be completely caught up. I know because I've been completely caught up once or twice before, though it's been awhile.

There really isn't much to report--again. I'm not complaining because by and large I really enjoy a peaceful life, but it makes for a boring diary sometimes. I could tell you how Esther coughed at 5:20 this morning and I got up and pilled her and then went back to bed, at which point she got under the covers with me and cuddled for a long time. I could tell you the progress I've made on my knitting project or how Boy is taking Home Ec this semester, but is forbidden to call it Home Ec because the school wants it called Life Skills, so as not to stigmatize it. I hope part of his homework is to clean the house or make us dinner, because that would be nice. I could tell you how Francisco and I have been hiding a small stuffed dolphin (originally Boy's) where each other will find it, just for fun. And I could tell you how almost every single one of our almost-ripe tomatoes has rotted on the vine this year, probably due to excessive rain here--it is very aggravating. It has rained 9 out of the past 10 days, which I don't mind but which isn't doing my tomatoes any good let me tell you.

Going home to dinner (I'm quite hungry) and maybe we'll watch a Netflick--we have 3 waiting to be viewed. I can't remember what any of them is at this moment, but I think they'll all be good.


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