not such a good hider


As I was getting ready for work this morning, I noticed Esther seeking solitude under the desk in our bedroom. She apparently thought she couldn't be seen:

She is one sneaky girl. Isn't she cute, though, with her belly sticking out? I can't get enough of this cat.

As usual I'm very happy it's Friday, though I have no weekend plans. Last Saturday we drove all day, so I'm just happy to have two full days to do weekendy things. I don't know what I'll do yet but the weekend will probably be a blend of chores and sheer laziness, with sleeping in as a full partner in the laziness scheme. I called Francisco a few minutes ago to see what he was doing (he was changing a spring on his Smith and Wesson revolver, not that you needed to know that) and asked him if we can have pizza tonight. Apparently he was also thinking about pizza, so as usual we are in perfect agreement. I want to get thin crust, to keep the carb count down, and that's fine with him. Yay, pizza! I haven't had pizza in awhile, by the way, which is why I'm looking forward to it so much.

My legs are very sore today, and that's pitiful because they're sore because I squatted at work a lot yesterday. They weren't too sore when I got up but then I did the treadmill and they got all achy--I'm hobbling around the office and hoping no one notices. I don't want to have to explain that my muscles are so weak they can't take a little squatting.

This morning there was a big beetle clinging to the outside of the kitchen window screen; I think it was a cockroach and I think it was spying on us. Saying, "Hmm, yes, this will be the perfect lair for my growing family...I will lay my eggs in the dishwasher as my ancestors did and their ancestors before them". That bastard better not find his way in, because as much as I hate to kill roaches, I'll do it anyway. I hate killing them because they crunch and have nasty insides, but really I hate killing any bugs because it gives me the uneasy feeling that I could be next. Like there's someone much bigger than I am who could capriciously smash me and then say, "I hate killing these things!" while scraping their giant shoe on a giant mat. That would suck.

That's it for me today.


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