oh please, not ice cream aGAIN


Had email this morning announcing an Ice Cream Social at our office for a week from today. It was sent by the boss's secretary and I couldn't help but reply to her:

Me: "meh. do you think he'd be mad if I didn't attend? can't eat ice cream and don't really want to sit around watching other people eating ice cream."

Her reply back: "Probably--- I don't know. I can request one tofu item!!!!"

Me to her: "blech. see, it's the sugar I don't want, not the milk."

Her: "Well you can come and just be your smiling self!"

Me: "Have we met?"

I get so annoyed by these "events" people cook up for time-wasting/sugar-consuming purposes. If I didn't dislike my boss so much, it might be fun to go sit around with ice cream eaters (because I pretty much like everyone else I work with), but the boss always has to Notice when someone doesn't consume, and make comments about it. He always acts surprised, too; "You're not having any????" Well duh, have I eaten the ice cream and/or cake the last couple dozen times we've done this? No I have not, so why is it such a surprise? Fortunately my pms should be gone by then, so I probably won't have to kill him that day, but I Will have to go sit with everyone, because if I don't the boss will make things uncomfortable for me. I can't even really describe the discomfort he causes, but he causes it.

I'm getting my hair cut at 12:30 today and I'm very happy about that. I have trouble recognizing the signs that my hair needs to be cut until it is altogether too obvious. The hair reached the point of obviousness about a week ago, and I've been struggling along since then, with hair clips and a dash of hope. It has not been pretty. I think I'll get a new hair product while I'm there, because I'm almost out of the spray gel stuff I've been using, and I'd like to try something different when it runs out.

We picked the Boy up from his camp on Saturday and brought him back home. Oy, that was a long day of driving! Fortunately the P.G. Wodehouse stories on tape made the time pass pretty quickly, as did the knitting I brought along with me. I'm making a baby blanket and am extremely pleased with the yarn I bought for the project. I couldn't find the color I wanted, and now I'm glad because I think the yarn I got is much, much better. The barbecue we had on the way back from Boy's camp was so worth all the starving we did beforehand (we were hungry but were saving ourselves for barbecue). The Boy had been campaigning to ditch barbecue and stop at Cracker Barrel, but he recanted after the first delicious meaty bite. If any of y'all are going to take I-40 through North Carolina at some point, stop at exit 184 and turn south for a few blocks to Lexington Barbecue, on the right side of the street (kind of up a hill; difficult to see at first). You will Not regret it.

That's about all I have to report for now. I've been in a somewhat foul mood/depressed state for a few days, due to stupid pms and the stupid hormones. That should end in a couple of days, and I will be So Glad. I think I'm the only woman I know who is really happy to get her period, because yes I get cramps, but ibuprofen takes care of those, whereas nothing alleviates pms except a well-timed coma. Here's to bleeding!*



* Sorry to be gross. |


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