The Shark has been entirely bearable and even sometimes pleasant lately, which I am enjoying a lot except I'm waiting for him to turn suddenly surly again. Last night he was in a great mood and was joking around with Francisco and me AS THOUGH HE LIKES US. It was amazing--a blast from the past. At one point he did something funny and unexpected that made me spit water pretty much all over myself (I was semi-reclining on the couch at the time) and then he made fun of me and Wow, what if someday he gets over his surliness and wants to spend time with us, on purpose?? I sure would like that.

Tidbit: I am retaining an ungodly amount of water right now, so today I've been guzzling water with lemon squeezed in, in hopes of a Great Diuresis. I will let you know how this works out for me, because I can sense you're on the edge of your seat about it.

Something which is comforting and pleasing me: ELB is as obsessed with Torchwood as I am [she is also hilariously recapping the happenings on As The World Turns--I don't watch that but I love reading her descriptions of it]. We have exchanged emails about The Obsession and I'm glad to have someone to share it with--Francisco has not been captivated by the show quite the way I have, which is to say, virtually not at all. ELB and Brian make me laugh; you should read their blog, unless you don't like to laugh, in which case I have to ask: What happened to you, man? You used to be cool.

I finally moved into the 21st century and have signed up for a Gmail account. This is because the 10Cakes ladies were talking to each other on Gchat during the Oscars (meaning they were making fun of celebrities--fun!) and I got jealous and wanted to chat too. It's how I spent my lunch hour today and I do not regret one second of it. What's better than talking to friends while eating leftovers? Not much, that's what.

Tonight Francisco and I are going to go over and stay with the nieces for awhile while Twyla goes to a yoga class. Probably the girls will be going to sleep soon after we get there, but I'm looking forward to seeing them, especially Baby Frances, because we did not see her this weekend when we saw her sister, and talking to her on the phone is not the same.

Yesterday I stopped to feed the kittens on my way home, as usual, and I was disturbed at how they were eating while keeping one fearful eye on me. Several times I managed to pet them before they moved, frantically, to avoid me, but after a few times of that I started feeling horrible, like I was a pedophile plying children with candy to keep them around me or something. It was not a good feeling, and yet I suspect I will try to pet them again tonight while they're eating. I am ridiculous.




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