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I had the creepiest dream this morning and am going to tell you about it, so if other peoples' dreams bore you, skip to the next paragraph. If reading about annoying coworkers bores you, skip to the list. If lists bore you, skip to the end, and don't forget to comment! My dream: I dreamt it was my office's job to receive, inventory, and then ship food over to the soldiers in Iraq. We received a shipment of meat, inventoried it, and then shipped it out, but afterwards I discovered a frozen chicken that did not get inventoried or shipped. I decided the best way to handle this was to correct the previous inventory form and add the chicken to the next inventory, but to do this I had to go to a different building, where the food was stored. It was the weekend and the building was dark and empty. I wanted to get the chicken thing over with as soon as possible, so I was kind of running through the building, taking the chicken to the big meat freezer, where the inventory sheets also were. I had the chicken under my left arm and a pen and letter opener in my left hand. I reached the room that housed the big freezer, opened the door, turned on the light, and was heading to the freezer when I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye. It was a blonde woman, dressed in an orange coat, and she appeared to have been waiting for me, because she stood up and started coming toward me. All I could think about is how this woman had been sitting in a dark room, in a dark building, and the thought completely freaked my shit out. I was trying to get the pen out of my left hand so I could stab her with it [though the letter opener would have been a better choice] and was trying to scream in my dream, except I never can--it's just a whimpering noise which I am actually making, and which Francisco knows means he should wake me up. Thankfully he did not fail me, because I couldn't seem to get the pencil and that woman had almost reached me. Phew! The End.

So, I pissed Baby Rich off first thing this morning but have not apologized for it for two reasons: 1) What I did that pissed him off was done in jest--we were having a meeting and the boss said a coworker is out today and asked who wanted to cover the coworker's desk time. I pointed at BR (as a joke, right?) and he said he would cover the time, which really he totally should, considering he was out 2 days last week and the coworker covered part of his time. Then the boss, thinking BR would be like a normal human, jokingly mentioned that I'd pointed at him and he and his cranky face said something about it having been unnecessary. So okay, he was not amused, but he had to have known it was meant jokingly, because that was pretty obvious. 2) I sense that were I to apologize today, he would not accept my apology. He has been assholish to another coworker over a work thing (I observed this personally) and he is clearly in A Mood. If I apologized he would probably say something about how he didn't think my pointing at him was appropriate, and he would probably say he didn't think I was joking and then he would finish up by implying that I am in some way mentally unhealthy. I know this because he's done that kind of thing before and he is not changing for the better. Therefore I'm going to just let his crankiness over the jokey pointing ride, because I do not think an apology would change his feelings re: the incident in question, and it would surely end with me being furious.

This weekend I:

-- Grocery shopped

-- Petted feral kittens while they were eating, and they tolerated it.

-- Cleaned

-- Watched two episodes of Torchwood

-- Realized I'm completely obsessed with Torchwood

This weekend Francisco and I:

-- Finally had a conversation with our north side neighbor, and I hope this will lead to more friendliness on her part, because she's been rather unfriendly to date.

-- Went, with Twyla and Lou, to see the high school production of Into The Woods. It was fun, and a good production, but Francisco and I had to leave before it was over because it was super long and he had to work early the next morning. I was not sad about that because the auditorium seats were some of the most uncomfortable on record.

-- Decided exactly what days he will be taking off work next month, and this was a good thing because I put in for the same time off today and was okayed for it. Yay! Upcoming vacation! We're not planning to go anywhere amazing, but that's okay because I'll just be glad to be off work the same time he is--HELLO TOGETHERNESS. I expect we'll mostly stay home and work on our garden, but hopefully we'll get away for a couple of days, and Sharky can even come with us; it's his spring break that week.

That's probably it for me for today. Work has been busier today than it has been recently and I have to meet with a coworker at 4:00 to be trained on yet another thing I have to take on. I can't say I'm happy about this, but I CAN say that I hope to quit this job before one more year elapses, so that's something at least.




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