skin of fury


Some of you already know this, but last night on my way home from work, I petted my favorite feral kitten. He's one of the kittens (they're pretty much cats now) that I used to feed in our old backyard; they still live near that house and I still feed them because I walk past there every day. Last night my favorite kitten was so happy to see me (as usual) and his mom was there so he was rubbing his head on her in a frenzy of joy, and while he was doing that I reached out and touched his tail, which he didn't even seem to notice. Emboldened by this, I did not move away from the bowl after pouring the food in and petted him on the back as he was eating. Again, he didn't seem to notice. So I petted him again and again while he was wolfing the food, but then I took it too far by doing a little scritch-scritch on his back, and That he noticed. He didn't run but he changed position so he could keep an eye on me while he ate. I'm hoping tonight we can repeat the petting and I will refrain from scritching.

Last night when I got home I found that Francisco had cleaned up the sun porch. He'd gotten another piece of glass cut (it was missing one of the removable glass windows) and with the sun shining into the porch it was nice and warm--a whole new room on our house!. Francisco presented a plan for seating and a table (more like a bar top that will run around two sides of it) that I think is perfect, and that porch is now a great place to start seeds for our garden, since it is no longer freezing cold. EXCITEMENT. Get warm, weather! Hurry!

This morning after I showered Francisco was getting ready to go out reserve deputying, and he asked me if he could practice handcuffing me real quick, so he could refine his technique. I said sure so he spent about 5 minutes handcuffing and releasing me and of course that was fun for both of us. He didn't get to arrest anyone today, and that's too bad, because it's like his favorite thing.

Last night when I was getting into bed I was thinking about how I've not been sleeping as well the past couple of nights, and that was when I did a mental head-smack and realized of COURSE I've not been sleeping as well! I'm not a good sleeper! When my thyroid meds are too low, I become a good sleeper (the only positive thing about a slow thyroid), so I can't believe I slept so well for the past few months and yet it didn't tip me off that I needed a Synthroid increase. That was dumb. Help me remember, Internet: My name is Eva and I am NOT A GOOD SLEEPER. On the plus side though, I've got my vivid dreams back (I'm an excellent dreamer, when I sleep), and I'm happy about that because I've missed them.

Today Tommy the Rookie and I were IMing about ridiculous things, as usual, and we were talking about getting those Best Friends Forever half heart necklaces (this will never happen, but it's funny to talk about). I did some quick internet perusing and told him I couldn't find anything tacky enough and that maybe I'd have to make the necklaces myself.

Tommy: i think they would be AMAZING if you made them.
Eva: that is exactly the kind of thing you shouldn't say to me, because it's the kind of statement which would prompt me to actually make them. and then you'd have a half heart necklace you would never want to wear.
Tommy: i would wear it proudly everyday.
Eva: okay, then i'll have to make them. and when you are presented with the monstrosity i have constructed, just remember you brought it on yourself
Tommy: im looking forward to it!
Eva: you do not know what you hath wrought
Tommy: i have a pretty good idea.

I don't know why his final statement made me laugh so much, but it did. Tommy the Rookie is pretty funny in general. Last week we were talking about how a lot of things in life weren't worth doing all that well, and I said something about how I was glad I wasn't Martha Stewart, because everything she does, she is compelled to do Perfectly, and Tommy said "she is throwing her life away". I give this kid an A++.

This afternoon Christina and I played a rousing game of Herpes Quicksand, which we had not played in awhile, and she took advantage of that by changing the rules a little bit. I still won, though, but it was a long game and now I'm mentally drained. It doesn't take much, my friends.

So, I did the dumbest skin thing ever and am now paying this price. Not since the oil cleansing debacle of summer 2005 has my skin been so aggravated. What I did was this: Fed up with the whole Proactiv mail-order, pay-too-much-money deal, I purchased something at the drugstore that looked similar. What I did not realize at the time was that the Proactiv stuff has only 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide, whereas this new stuff I bought has 10% Benzoyl Peroxide. This turns out to be way too much peroxide for me and my skin has let me know it by producing one hell of a breakout. It doesn't help that I'm super hormonal and due to start my period in.....*checks wristwatch* ... any minute now. I should call in sick for bad skin tomorrow, since apparently I'm successfully fighting off this cold and probably won't be calling in sick for That. Have I mentioned that I'm totally OVER this job now? Ebay-style feedback for this job = D-- Item damaged; will not buy again. All I want is to be fired--is that so much to ask? Do you know, there was a woman who worked at this university who actually tried to run over her boss with a car, and instead of firing her, they transferred her to a different office. I can't imagine what it takes (other than stealing, which someone was JUST fired for) to get canned from here.

Alright, so I'm going home now to recuperate and try to soothe my furious skin in some way. Any tips? For some reason I'm thinking I should put plain yogurt on there. Is that a thing? My brain is telling me it's a thing.




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