Okay, so I'm just about over this now? Almost? But this morning when I left the house, I saw that our garbage can, which had been left out at the curb for garbage pickup, had been parked on by our neighbor. Parked ON. As in, he partially ran over it and left his vehicle sitting on it. Needless to say, our garbage was not picked up this morning. I thought about knocking on their door and making the neighbor move the vehicle, but I was already late in leaving for work and also did not have the energy. I Did, however, take a few photos of the scene, including one that shows the license plate, in case they try to deny it was them. I'm glad they are renters and hope they move soon.

I don't really have much to report to you at this time, Internet. I didn't go to knitting night last night because Francisco's mom was staying with us on her way to Spokane, and there were associated and not associated chores that had to be done. In a few minutes I'm going out for a cocktail with my coworker who is quitting (it's her last day--SAD) and will then go home and make dinner. Francisco is at a training session tonight for his job, and he won't be home until late, but Sharky is having a friend over and they will want some dinner. I doubt I will--we had the potluck to end all potlucks today. I made a large cheese ball from Amy Sedaris' book and it got rave reviews, and there were looooooads of other foods. Too much food, really, but that's how these things usually go. It's been rather a hellish day and I'm very ready to have a weekend, plus I woke up at 3:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so I'm really looking forward to sleeping tonight.

Gotta run off now.


PS Janets, I'll be logging on at some point for the drunk gchat. Woooooooo!



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