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Work continues to be very busy and at this moment I have a desk piled high with all the things I need to get done, and I'm surprised that it's not stressing me out. I think I've just gotten used to being overwhelmed and am now merely whelmed. It's a strange thing. This morning our office was closed while all employees tried hard to crash the computer system. Specifically we were working in a test environment, trying to crash an upgrade that will be put in soon, and I think we were pretty successful. We never actually CRASHED it, but we did get it to more or less completely freeze up, so I think that counts. The reason we were doing this is because the big bosses never listen when we say how slow our computers run when certain processes are also going, and they have so far refused to add servers. We need them, though, so hopefully this will convince them.

INteresting, no? No.

Last night Francisco and I were planning to go out on our bikes to get Sharky some composition notebooks (needs for school) and were planning to just happen to be in Twyla's neighborhood so we could stop by and see them. But they beat us to the punch by walking over to bring back some bowls and spoons of ours that they had, dragging the girls along in the wagon. The girls love Sharky so much I can't even tell you. There was much running and cavorting and playing and holding onto him and getting lifted into the air by him. I'll bet his arms are quite sore today, but he's been wanting to build some muscle anyway, so this was just the ticket.

This morning when I was almost to work (waiting for the light to change so I could cross the street to my building) a woman talked to me. I don't remember seeing her before (I can be mighty oblivious sometimes) but she told me she wanted me to know she'd noticed that I've lost a lot of weight [except just between you and me, internet, it hasn't been all That much. I didn't point that out.]. She went on to say that she knows from personal experience how hard it is to keep going with a diet sometimes, so that's why she wanted to mention it. I was a bit floored by this but was definitely encouraged and thanked her and whatnot, and she said she's seen me at the gym. We then talked about the gym and she told me it was closed, which I didn't realize. I knew it was getting ready to close, but hadn't realized that happened already. She also told me the gym owner didn't own the building the gym is in, and it's the Building that got sold, not the gym business, so probably the gym won't even open back up. Anyway, I'm not sure I want to join a different gym, because I think I'd rather go it alone, with walking/running, aerobics at home, and whatever else I can scrape together. I sort of want to embark on some kind of old-fashioned army-type running + calisthenics regime, and I think I will, except I'll have to regroup after the sidewalks start getting icy. Maybe by then we'll have moved and bought a treadmill.

Oh, but speaking of moving, we're still going to look at that house tonight, but I purposefully have put it out of my mind as possibly being The One. This is because the price the sellers are asking is fair for the square footage and sheer gorgeousness of the house, and I'm pretty sure there are potential buyers lurking around who can afford to pay the asking price, or something not much lower than that. For us to buy that house, the price would have to drop by about 10%, and I'm not thinking that's going to happen. I mean, if it did drop that low and we wanted to buy it, great, but I think it's unlikely, so I don't want to get too attached to the idea of buying that house. Also, last night we drove past it and we saw OUR REALTOR showing the house to some other people--she's totally cheating on us! The people looking at it had little kids with them, and it Would be a good house for kids, which is another reason I think it'll get snapped up pretty quick.

So I need to go home now because we're looking at the house in about 40 minutes.

Talk to you later.



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