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Well darlings, I've been sick, and therefore not updating. It was the flu, and I don't know where I got it, but I have to suspect from some student who stopped by the office. That's something not so great about this job--I see a LOT more individuals here every day than in any previous job, and if some of those people are sick, I'm getting exposed to stuff. I don't know how medical office personnel do it. I thought it was just a cold, when I woke up with it on Saturday, and I went about my business feeling okay but tired. Then in the late afternoon I suddenly got feverish and my temp went up to 102 before I knew it. I took some ibuprofen and went to get ready for bed (quite early) and do you know, when I was in the bathroom I very nearly barfed. As it's been 18 years since my last barf incident, I at first didn't realize what was wrong with me. When it dawned that I was most likely going to vomit, I sort of panicked because I couldn't remember how to do it, but then I figured it would come back to me, and I knelt by the toilet, waiting. My body produced 3 dry heaves and then subsided and my stomach felt a lot better for whatever reason. I went to bed and laid there feeling hot and uncomfortable until finally the fever broke and I started sweating. Fevers for the next two days, and I stayed home from work Monday and yesterday. I'm back at work today feeling better, but congested and weak as a kitten.

On Saturday in the early afternoon (pre-fever), Francisco and I looked at a house that I think is The One. I believe Francisco thinks it's The One also, but we haven't rushed to put in an offer, because the market is very slow right now and the house has been up for sale for 3 weeks and we're the only ones who have looked at it so far. But ALSO no rushing because it's more than we thought we'd spend, which is a little scary, except we did up a budget on Monday and we could afford the payments fairly comfortably (it helps that we don't have any other major monthly expenses). So we looked at the house again last night, with Sharky in tow, and I liked it even more than the first time I saw it. Francisco and I are planning to discuss the house tonight and settle on how much we want to offer, and I assume we'll meet with our realtor tomorrow night to follow through.

But oooohh the house! It's about 2100 square feet, with 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms plus a dining space and massive bonus room. There's a capacious laundry room and a two car garage, plus a front porch and back deck. It's got a cathedral ceiling in the kitchen/dining/living room area, and it sits on 8/10 of an acre. The wall facing the back of the house in the living/dining/kitchen area has 4 huge windows that take up most of the wall, and the woodwork everywhere is beautiful. The kitchen, dining room, and hallway to the downstairs bedrooms have gorgeous light hardwood floors, and the laundry room and bathrooms have very nice ceramic tile. In my head I'm already decorating for Christmas, so I hope we can end up with the house, because I WANT it. It's a more modern style than the house we looked at last Thursday (also beautiful but built in the 1920s), but it's a cozy modern. Oh, and also it has central A/C, which was not an essential thing for us, but I'd rather have it than not. There are no repairs to be made on the house (that we can see, anyway), so we'd just have to move in and paint, except we don't Have to paint, we just want to. Oh (I keep remembering other things) plus the owner is throwing in her big John Deere ride-on mower, which isn't something we would probably buy ourselves, but which would come in handy at this house. We would take out all the lawn at the front of the house (not all that much) in favor of planting fruit trees, roses, and the like, but we'd leave the lawn at the back of the house as is. About half of the backyard is lawn and the rest is just sitting there--that would be our big garden space.

Sorry for all the house talky talky; it's just the main thing on my mind. I tell you, if this house doesn't work out, I will want to take a Break from house shopping. It's too fatiguing to keep looking at, and sort of falling in love with, houses that ultimately we don't buy.

Oh, but speaking of falling in love, I've been watching a lot of Changing Rooms episodes (see also: home sick) and that Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen is super hot. I like Changing Rooms more than Trading Spaces because it's shorter (leaves out the boring filler) and is less about the homeowners than the rooms. And there seems to be more variety in the decor, which is nice.

Also related to the TEEvee, this season of Rescue Me seems to have gone right off the rails. The storylines are improbable and seem so unrelated to each other; it's like the writers are trying to give EVERY character's story a big new twist, and it's stupid and boring. Am I the only one who thinks this?

That's all I can manage today. See also: Weak as a kitten.




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