panther no panth


I've got lots to say and not much time to say it, as work is ridiculously busy and there's no time to write. There's not even any time to put it all in order; my apologies, lovies.

1) Twyla and family moved into their Eburg rental house on Friday night. Sharky and one of his friends helped unload the truck, and after work I helped too, but most of it was done already. I love love LOVE having them in town. They came over for dinner Monday night and they walked over, towing the girls in their big wagon. I'll tell you, when they left and I watched the girls waving as they were being towed out of sight, my heart filled up. It's just so fantastic.

2) I went to Goodwill on Sunday morning with Twyla and the girls; I got a cute old Brownie camera for decoration (shutter works but the lens is clouded), a roll of exp film, and another quadcam.

3) It's official: I hate the fair and rodeo. It just causes way too much upheaval over the long weekend and the only way I'll ever like it is if I move farther from the fairgrounds. Now granted, if I depended on the fair or rodeo for some of my income, I would feel differently, but I don't, so I don't.

4) At that $3/bag clothing sale I went to the weekend before last, I got a mohair scarf that someone had inadvertently partially felted. This weekend I finished the felting job and will be cutting it a little narrower and then attaching a button and cutting a buttonhole so that it turns into a neckwarmer. I'm pleased about this because I have a button that will be perfect; I bought the button several years ago at an antique store and am happy to finally have a project for it. I'll post a picture when it's done.

5) It aggravates me when people talk with their mouths full. Not so much if there's not a lot of food in there and they can shove it into a cheek and it doesn't affect speech, but when it's a lot of food and it's muffling what they're saying, I'm very bothered. I have a coworker who does that; it drives me nuts. I'm mentioning it now because we had a potluck yesterday and there was a lot of talking with a mouthful, on her part.

6) On Sunday I bought a Martha Stewart Living magazine. I don't normally buy it but it appealed to me, and it does have some good things in it. However, the "helpful tips" scattered throughout the magazine seemed a little too obvious--is it just me? Things like "When you cut a cake to size, don't just throw the cake cuttings into the garbage without a second thought--make a new dessert out of them!" And I'm all, who the fuck throws cake into the garbage?? Of COURSE you're going to eat them, whether you dress them up as a new dessert or not. There were many other tips that fall into the DUH category, but that's the one that jumped out at me.

7) When Twyla and family were over on Sunday, Lou was telling lots of knock-knock jokes. Baby Frances wanted to get into the act as well, but she only had one knock-knock joke:

Who's there?
Boy who?

It's not much of a joke, but the way she grinned while delivering the punch line made it very funny, and she loved getting the laughs. Lots of Lou's jokes were good, but this was my favorite:

Who's there
Panther who?
Panther no panth, I'm goin' thwimmin'!

She told it well and we laughed and laughed--Francisco even cried a little from the laughing.

8) I'm off the desserts again, since last Friday, and I'm very glad. The first few days are the hardest for me, though it's easier now than it was when I went off them in December of 2005, probably because I had quite a sugar addiction going on then. The reason I wanted to be off them this time is because I was craving desserts too often (like every day, more than once a day) and I didn't like it. I figure I'll stay off them until my birthday this year, at least. It's only a couple of months, but maybe I'll decide to get right back on that no sugar wagon after I finish a piece of birthday cake.

9) I might have to steal a kitten. He lives up the street with his female person, who expects him to be an outdoor cat, even though he's only about 4 months old and skinny and not used to being an outdoor cat. He ran up to me when we were walking past his house last night and he is just so cute. Then his person got home after going to the store in her nightgown to get soda and cigarettes and told me how the kitten is in an adjustment period because he's not used to living outside, and I was looking around and didn't see a warm box for him to sleep in or anything. It's getting cold at night and he's just a BABY. So I might have to steal him and find him a better home. I'll let you know if anything transpires.

10) We're looking at a house tomorrow night that is really gorgeous and only about half a block down from us. It's officially out of our price range, but if they came down on price a little and we put in more of a down payment than we were planning to, we could swing it. I'm trying not to think about the house, because there's no guarantee that I'll love it once I'm seeing it in person (I've seen pics of it on the internet), and obviously no guarantee they'll budge on their price, but I can't help but think it might be The One. I'll keep you posted.

No more time for writing. Gotta get back to work.




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