too much, too much


Things we did this weekend:

1) Painted the living room at our new house (a sagey green), with indispensable help from Sonny.
2) Painted the kitchen at our new house (orange), also with indispensable help from Sonny.
3) Shopped for groceries yesterday
4) Put highlights in Sharky's hair (me)
5) Worked (Francisco)

Things we have yet to do for our upcoming move:

1) Everything

I'm quite overwhelmed. Last Friday I signed up for a Christmas cookie exchange and this morning I un-signed up: I'm jettisoning all unnecessary things, and we will have plenty of time for a variety of cookies after we've moved and are settled. I could go on at length about how stressy I've been feeling lately, but it's boring so let's skip it.

Photo of the Day: A Long Road Ahead.




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