what a classy garden that would be


I have decided that Sharky and I are going to be the big heroes of this move. The Shark asked me a couple days ago where OUR copies of the house keys are (Francisco had some but we hadn't received any) because he wants to start moving his stuff over to the house. Francisco retrieved copies of the keys for us yesterday, so now the Shark and I can use our evenings for moving stuff over, and I think I can motivate him with the hero angle. Part of the problem we've had is that until we start moving the big stuff over (which we'll start this weekend), a lot of the little stuff doesn't have anywhere to live. However, there's a lot of little stuff (kitchen and bathroom items, things that will move from one garage to another, etc) that can be moved prior to the big stuff, so that's what I think we should concentrate on. I think tonight I'll have the Shark go through his things and box up what he wants to move now, while I FINISH UP THOSE DAMN EXCHANGE ORNAMENTS ALREADY. They're all done now, actually, but they need to be packaged up for shipping, and that'll take awhile. If I have time I will also start going through some of my things, because I just know there's stuff I'll want to get rid of. I definitely want to pare down my books a little [the idea of which will probably make some people gasp in horror, but come on, I don't have room] and most likely some of my unnecessary craft things. One thing I decided to offload, this morning when I was showering, is a baby quilt I started making in the spring of 1993 and never finished. Fourteen years I've had this unfinished quilt!You'd think I'd want to go ahead and finish it up to give to some as-yet unborn baby (that was my plan for a long time), but it turns out I just want it out of my life. Yay!

Today I was talking with one of our new student workers, and he complimented me and I complimented him back and then there was an awkward pause that I followed up with "now we should exchange exquisitely-wrapped square melons like they have in Japan, and bow deeply. you go first." I tell you this because a little while later I remembered we're going to have a garden this summer, and how fun would it be to actually grow square melons? VERY, I suspect. I'll look into it and see what accoutrements are needed. Probably just some square wooden boxes with holes for the melon vines, right? I'll find out.

No more time for writing, and not much to say even if I did.




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