The lovely Miss Catie and Miss Kimmy let me know that the last two Photos of the Day aren't seeable by the general public--oops! Sorry lambies! I'll make sure all Photos of the Day from now on are on public view.

Two Sharky notes: 1) He loves his bedroom in the new house. I knew he would, and I'm glad, for though he vexes me on a regular basis, I DO want him to be happy. 2) He wants me to put highlights in his hair this weekend, because so many of the soccer stars have highlighted hair. I told him I would do his highlights if he gets tested for ADD, and after some clarification about Why I want him to get tested, he agreed. Score! Since this tactic worked so well, I think I'll employ it every time he asks me to do something for him. "Take you to the emergency room? Okay, but only if you change your sheets when we get back, and do at least two loads of laundry."

Okay, today on the AtomicTonic board I read one of the best things EVER and I must share it with you: "in my heaven, i would reverse-extrude mile-long tubes of chocolate chip cookie dough down my throat for a period of twelve thousand years." This comes from Dreaix, formally known as Andreas Novak. I swear, someday I will meet him and will be so enthusiastic I will accidentally pop him from hugging too hard. He has been warned about this possibility.

Last weekend we ordered two leather armchairs and a treadmill. The armchairs will be delivered to our new house tomorrow, and no word on the treadmill, but hopefully it won't be too long because I can feel my ass widening even as I type. I can't remember the last vigorous exercise I got, but probably it was the hike we took a couple of months ago. Not good, Internet. Walking to and from work is not nothing, but it's not enough, that's for sure, especially with this ridiculous PMS hunger which is upon me.

That might be over soon, actually. I'm getting a killer headache right now, and usually they're hormonally influenced, so hopefully it's heralding the end of this particular PMS.

Photo of the Day: Oddy and Mad Dog

Have a great night!




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