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Okay, one of my coworkers just got back from the doctor, and she has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. As do two women who work two buildings down from here. What do you want to bet that Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is the hot new summer disease? Last year it was West Nile (an encore performance from the previous summer), but this year I'm betting on RMSF. Too bad you can't buy stock in it.

Another one of my coworkers is such a freak. She's having a party for her husband this weekend (he just finished a law degree), and she is talking about the party and is endlessly dissecting the party minutiae. Like, asking everyone how many napkins she should buy, and where to get a good cake, and blah blah blah, yadda yadda hey. I know it's exciting for her to have the party, and I'm not knocking it, but see, she's not just asking how many napkins she should get, she's Agonizing over it. She's extremely concerned about getting the exact precise number she will need, whereas I would buy extras, just in case. But maybe I don't take parties seriously enough. My idea of a party is to get out all the liquor (and supplement it), the mixers, and the ice; make/buy a bunch of food items; put on some good music, and that's it. I buy napkins (I like to go to the party store and look at the sale napkins, because I'm fond of napkins with spiderman on them--stuff like that), but I don't Worry about napkins. Ah well, this is what the Meyers-Briggs is for.

BTW, we're having Boy's birthday party on Saturday (his birthday is in July but he'll be in Oregon then), and not only have I not bought napkins, I hadn't even Thought about buying napkins. I plan to go to the party store on Saturday while Francisco takes the kids to a laser tag place to pick up festive party things. We're having to rent a minivan for the occasion, since our car would only hold 4 children, max, and he's invited 6. I will also pick up a cake while they're at the laser tag place, or really a cheesecake, since that is what Boy loves. The vegans are invited to the party, but we're not going to attempt to feed them. They'd just take one bite of whatever it was and then run home for a sandwich. It is their way.

Goodnight kittens,

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