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I've just started reading a good book about dealing with teenagers. It's called, "Get Out of My Life! But First Could You Drive Me and Cheryl to the Mall?". I'm reading it to prepare for the Boy being a huge assybutt in the coming years. He's already showing a little teenage attitude from time to time, even though he's not quite 12 yet. The book has sort of frightened me so far, just thinking about the maelstrom that is to come, but I'm confident that when I've read the whole thing, I won't be as afraid. And I was thinking that, if all possible, I would like to view Boy's assy teenage behavior as performance art--I think that would make it a lot more bearable. I mean, he's a great kid, but no one escapes the teenage assyness. No one. I would like to take this opportunity to formally apologize to my parents for my personal horrific teenage behavior. Sorry, mom and dad. At least you'll get to laugh at me when I'm dealing with the Boy. And that's something, right? Right? Oy.

So I haven't updated in awhile, but not without reason. The reason is mainly that I've been busy, but also I had a headache for 5 days straight, and that doesn't really lend itself to the creative or funny. The headache started last Friday and continued through yesterday. Today I've had a hint of headache, a couple of times, but I think the headache proper is over now. I believe the headache is a result of The Body adjusting to having a lot fewer carbs to work with. I haven't cut them out completely, or down to Atkins levels (impossible), but I've cut them back a lot and have upped my protein consumption. Considering I was eating mostly carbs before, and not a lot of protein, this is a big change. Today I feel pretty good. I got up early and lifted weights, and then I was attempting to do yoga but Esther was milling around me and meowing and rubbing herself on my legs and other body parts, so I gave up because I couldn't concentrate. Maybe I'll try again tonight.

I bought the best thing this weekend--a tiny French press that makes 12 ounces of coffee at a time. I bought this because I'm quitting caffeine (tapering off--not going cold turkey), and I wanted to be able to make decaf for myself without involving the whole coffee pot. I love the French press! Elsee has the bigger one and I liked using it when we were at their place over Christmas, and man. Why doesn't everyone have one of these? They make coffee much more quickly than a coffee pot, and pushing that strainer-y thing down is deeply satisfying. Highly recommended.

Besides getting the French press this weekend, I:

1) Went to the library with Francisco and Boy

2) Worked for about 5 hours on Saturday

3) Watched a couple of movies from Netflix (Kissing Jessica Stein was the better of the two)

4) Did almost no cleaning, because Francisco did practically all of it while I was at work on Saturday--he rocks like you would not believe

5) Worked on the blanket I'm making my friend

6) Tried to figure out what the hell I could eat, with the whole carb-cutting thing (got it under control now)

7) Took a walk or two with Francisco

8) Read

9) Slept (I love sleeping in, and 3 day weekends are the Best)

10) Cuddled with the cats

I couldn't help myself last night--I watched most of the Road Rules 12. I keep thinking I need to stop watching shows like Road Rules and Real World, but they suck me in. As did Surf Girls, though I am Surely not the target audience for That trainwreck. I missed most of the challenge on RR though, so basically missed the most interesting part. But it'll be on again. About a grillion times.

So, people have been coming to this diary in droves lately, due to the URL being posted on a site for people who like to look at pictures of other people in glasses. I have no problem with this, though I don't have a picture of me in glasses in any of my entries.

Dear Glasses People,

Say hi on the guestbook, whydontcha? Especially if you're reading 30+ pages in one sitting--you might as well take one more minute to say hello, yes? Come on, make me happy.



That's all I've got today, unfortunately. No funny, just meh. I just wanted to update today anyway, to try and get back in the groove of updating.



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