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Watching my cats eat out of ashtrays isn't as funny as I thought it might be. At their appointment a week and a half ago, the vet said we should feed them off of glass plates, because they were getting sores on their chins, and this is apparently from the ceramic plates we'd been using. When I was at the Walmart last weekend I was looking for little glass dishes, but didn't see any. What I Did see were glass ashtrays for 94 cents apiece, so I bought two because I thought it would be funny. And it was, sort of, but I felt guilty watching my cat scarf her canned food from an ashtray. Like I'm a negligent mother or something. Like I should just pour her a beer while I'm at it and buy her a crack pipe. I mean, of course the ashtrays were Clean, but there's something very unwholesome about feeding my sweet cats off of them. Though it definitely cuts down on the "pushing the food off the plate" mess Esther always made with the ceramic plates.

Speaking of the cats, recently when I've wanted to get the Boy's goat, I tell him that Esther is the boss of him. One goat, coming right up.

I'm considering doing a modern art project featuring one month's worth of Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets, because the oiliness of my skin varies so much during the month; currently I have oil slick face, but sometimes it's not so bad. I was thinking I could use one sheet per day (like I do already) and use the sheets at exactly the same time per day, and then mount them all on white posterboard, labeled with the dates. Obviously this would not be interesting to very many people, but if this woman can find success in narcissism, why not me? [thanks Miles]

Francisco got himself an Adventure Vest, and he loves it so, so much. He ordered it from some survivalist freaks off the interweb and it arrived yesterday. He wore it to his Tuesday Night Shootenanny (he won; he's a good marksman) and took great delight in displaying all the various features/pockets to me when he got home. And I must say, it sure does have a lot of pockets. I don't think the manufacturers could've gotten even one more small pocket on there. If they'd tried, the resulting overpocketage would've caused a collapse of gravity and the vest factory would at this moment be the event horizon of a black hole. They cut it pretty close, I must say--it was very irresponsible of them. I mocked Francisco a tiny bit for his passionate love of the vest and he said something to imply that I wouldn't be laughing later when we're out somewhere and I need a pocket to put something in. I'm sure he's right, but for now I think I'll keep mocking.

I'm so glad my banner is almost done running, because I don't like it. I liked it the first time I used it, two years ago, but I only used it again because 1) I had 40,000 banner views to use and B) the free website I used to make the first two banners isn't there anymore. I couldn't find any way to make a banner that didn't involve buying software, so I reused that first one. And I am so tired of it--I'd burn it if I could. Recently (this is unrelated to the banner) lots of people have been coming to this diary through searches for "pregnant belly", "fake belly", or some combination of the two. I don't understand it, but whatever. Another search that drew someone in today was for "pictures of dirty shawls", and this flummoxes me. In the first place, why would someone search for that (if that's a fetish this is the first I've heard of it) and when the hell did I reference a dirty shawl?? This would be a good time to have a photographic memory, yes?

Francisco took Boy for an eye checkup today, for general eye wellness, but also Boy wants contact lenses. He says he hates his glasses because he's always getting hit in the face when he plays sports, and his glasses get bent. I agree he could really use contact lenses for his Tae Kwon Do and other sport things, so we said he could get them if the doctor agreed. And the doctor agreed, so now we'll be making an appointment for the lenses. It's weird for me to think about him having contact lenses, because he doesn't seem old enough to me, but he's almost as old as I was when I got mine, so I guess he's old enough. I envision many lost contacts, which is why we'll be getting disposables for him. Oy, the impending drama.


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