beware the flying spiders


Overheard in my house last night:

Francisco: "Boy, for future reference, there is no spider in the world with wings".

This was after Boy called him upstairs to kill a spider in the bathtub and it turned out to be a Gollywhopper. I wish I knew the real, actual name of the bug nicknamed the Gollywhopper. Also known in some circles as Mosquito Eater. I am not a fan of this bug because their erratic flying virtually guarantees them getting into my hair. One flew up my pantleg once; I Freaked. Out. Francisco killed the Gollywhopper with the latest Crate and Barrel catalog--efficient and deadly. He hadn't intended to kill the bug if it was a spider; I'm not sure how he thought he could capture a spider with a catalogue, but he Does have catlike reflexes, so I'm sure he'd have worked it out.

This afternoon we had a little bridal shower for a coworker who is getting married a week from tomorrow. We took up a collection and got some things from her registry, and of course there was a cake (there's ALways a cake, with this office) and people brought other appetizery things. I made a toilet paper veil for my Wonder Woman pez dispenser, and a bowtie for my Santa pez dispenser, for decoration. They're in love. Wonder Woman kicked that bitch, Mrs. Klaus, to the curb, and Santa's got himself a big bottle of viagra for the honeymoon. It's all so exciting. The best part of the shower was, of course, getting out of working for that hour and a half, but I do really like this coworker, so it was fun.

Tonight Boy is having a friend over and we're going to take the kids out to dinner, so I've got to get moving now--no time for a longer update. Maybe this weekend some fabulous thing will happen and I can update about it. More likely, though, I'll be doing laundry.


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