the stigma of the unwed mother


This morning when I was walking to work I saw my favorite kitten waiting at our old place (still not rented), and I was happy because I hadn't seen him for a couple of days. I stopped to pet and feed him and he was super affectionate like he always is now, but when I was petting him I realized two things simultaneously: 1) he is not a boy and 2) he is going to have kittens. I swore long and colorfully and felt despair that I hadn't saved him from this fate. I emailed Francisco to tell him, and he feels the same as I do, that we Have to kidnap my favorite and make him live in the garage until he has his kittens. Then we can get him spayed and find good homes for his kittens and end this cycle of teen pregnancy. And yes, I do intend to keep calling my favorite "him", despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Speaking of cats doing things you wish they wouldn't, the neighbor's cat has been pooping in our garden beds. I see him doing it and yell out the window for him to stop that pooping, but he doesn't listen. Once when he was squatting over his freshly dug dirt hole, I yelled at him to stop and he gave me a squinty eyed contented face, which of course made me laugh. How is a person supposed to maintain righteous indignation when they're laughing? I ask you.

I took my film to Photo Haus during my lunch hour and Jessica's processing it for me to pick up at 5:00 at no extra charge. Or at least I Think there's no extra charge. There better not be. Anyway, I didn't get to chat with her much when I dropped it off, but I'll try to do more chatting when I pick it up, just as a last ditch effort to make her my friend. Really I don't care all that much anymore, but I still wouldn't say no to having a new friend; that would be crazy.




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