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Something horrible happened last night. Before you get too worried, let me tell you it's related to my beloved soccer team, Liverpool FC. Francisco and I watched them play Chelsea last night, in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League semi-finals, and they were ahead 1 - 0 until the LAST FIVE SECONDS (no exaggeration), when one of our defenders (not my boyfriend) accidentally headed in an own goal. We were stunned. The Liverpool supporters in the stands (a Lot of them--this was the home leg) were stunned. The defender and team were stunned. There was just a lot of surprise and dismay all around, except of course for the Chelsea supporters, who were celebrating like they made the goal themselves. Assholes. Especially you, Didier Drogba, you ridiculous diver. We play Chelsea again next week (the second leg) and that will determine who advances to the final, so we're not out of it yet but it would've been easier if we had won the game rather than tied it.

This morning my phone rang and when I picked it up and said hello, a voice said "hey HEY hey!!". I was silent. The voice added, "This is Jessica, from Photo Haus". Jessica! From Photo Haus! The person I had given all my phone numbers to when I was trying to make her into a friend, and on whom I gave up because I concluded it wasn't going to happen. I thought she didn't work at Photo Haus anymore, even. Anyway, she'd developed my photos from the other day and wanted to say hi and ask if I hated her, since I hadn't been there in so long. I still doubt very much that we will magically become friends, but I'm going to go in and chat with her tomorrow, since I now have the Master Blaster roll to drop off (finished it yesterday, finally). It's nice to know Jessica's still in town, at least.

Also this morning, I decided I'm not going to do the Etsy thing after all, in favor of doing this instead. It's kind of involved and I need to figure out a lot of things about that site and the pricing and the framing and etc, and plus I need to replace a lot of those photos with higher resolution copies, instead of the ones it imported from Flickr. And some of them I need to delete and replace with completely different ones, because the resolution that's there isn't high enough and I don't have higher res copies to replace them with. BUT. My point is, it's a start.

Yesterday when I got home from work, I saw that we'd gotten a high school graduation invitation for one of my friend's daughters. I am pleased because I really like that kid and think she's going places, but then I realized this means we have entered (at least to some degree) the next phase in our lives, wherein we are now one generation removed from the generation who does big life stuff. For now it will be high school graduations, and then college graduations, and then weddings, and sometime in the probable near future I will be invited to a baby shower as the grandma's friend, you know? A tiny bit this freaks me out but I'm trying not to think about it.

Oh lordy. Just now I had to stop typing this because my boss came in to talk about some work stuff, and as she was leaving she knocked over my drinking glass, which has a 20 ounce capacity and was full of water. It was majestic--there was water everywhere. She kept apologizing while running back and forth to the kitchenette to get more paper towels, but there was no need--I was loving every second of it. A few papers on my desk got pretty soggy, but they'll dry out. That was fun.

I guess that's all I have to tell you except that the Master Blaster smells like cat food, from riding around in my messenger bag all the time, nestled up against the food for my feral kittens. I found this out yesterday when Tommy the Rookie brought his puppy in and I was taking some photos--it smelled like cat food so I let the puppy smell it and he went crazy. Then he kept gazing at me with longing eyes ("let me smell that amazing thing again") and he's so cute I think we might get married.

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