hello, Operator?


I had The Desk from 9 to 11 this morning, and at about 8:45 a student worker came to my office and asked if I would want to take an early call. "He's calling long distance", she added drily. "Long DISTANCE?!", I exclaimed. "Put him through IMMEDIATELY!" And then we both giggled a little hysterically and she went to transfer me the call. It's been awhile since I heard the "I'm calling long distance" thing. "Long distance" makes me think of the early days of telephones, when people picked up their phones and asked the operator to connect them with Bailywick 654, or something like that.

So, alluva sudden my allergies have flared up, and I'm congested and groce and my sinuses hurt. I'm finding this spring allergy thing extra annoying this year, because we've only had spring weather for one glorious weekend, two weeks ago, and last weekend it snowed. It seems unfair to be suffering spring allergies when we're not even enjoying spring weather. Can I get a what what?

And now I'm leaving work early, because I've developed a splitting headache and really don't want to be here anymore. On my way home I will go to the post office and mail back the bra I got in the mail on Friday. I was too conservative, size-wise, when ordering, and it would appear that I actually do genuinely wear an H cup. What a freak.




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