Not much to talk about today. Yoga was pretty fun last night, and even though I'm not good at it, I didn't feel out of place; most of the people there didn't seem like yoga powerhouses. There was one chick who was doing all the hardest pose options, and now that I know she can do that stuff, I'll make sure my mat is far away from hers from now on. I had a hard time turning off my brain--it inSISted on making fun of everything that we were doing--but I was able to maintain a facial expression which suggested total inner peace, so I don't think anyone knew. I'm not real sore today, but I'm a Little sore in various places, so it was good and I look forward to next week.

In other news, today at lunch I went to Jerroll's for the Shrinky Dink supplies, which consisted of the plastic sheets that shrink and a rainbow pack of fine tipped sharpies. The checker (young) had no idea what the point was of the shrinking and didn't know what Shrinky Dinks were (the actual trademarked product), for she was but a tot. The guy behind me didn't know either, but there was an older lady across the store who was overhearing the conversation, and when our eyes met, she gave me a look which clearly said, "*I* know what Shrinky Dinks are --stand firm against this upstart zygote!". I explained to the girl about how the shrinking makes the plastic thicker and how it's fun to sit in front of the oven and watch the plastic shrink and I guess she decided to take my word for it, but I could tell she was dubious.

I was thinking this afternoon about the times I would visit my great aunt Ruby (she lived in Eugene when we lived in Creswell -- 10 miles away). One of the first times I visited her she made something called Magic Puff Sandwiches, from a recipe she'd cut out of a magazine or maybe off a box of Bisquick. I liked them so after that she always made them for me and I was thinking that I wish Lou liked more foods (she'll grow into liking food, I have every confidence), because I would make them for her, but they'll have to wait for her tongue to mature. If you'd like to make these Magic Puff Sandwiches, I found the recipe online in several places, such as here. It's kind of a weird recipe, but I'm going to make them for myself sometime soon and while I eat them I'll think of Ruby. She always made me feel special and I'm not sure she knew what a huge gift that was to me.

Okay, that's all.




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