In brief:

-- My stress test on Thursday was a bizarre experience involving 8 or 9 patch and wire thingies and a mauve cape--a garment that should never have come into being, as it is an abomination and also uncomfortable. I had my heart ultra-sounded before the treadmill walking, and that was weird; I had to look away from the screen after awhile. Then the treadmill walking (sans bra. nice.), then the immediate ultra-sounding of my heart again. The EKG results from the wire thingies were completely normal, and probably the ultrasound was too, but those pictures were sent to a cardiologist in Yakima, so I don't have the results of that yet. My doctor, who was in attendance, says he's 95% sure the ultrasound will be normal (I assume he is required to hedge his bets by 5%), so I hope to have the total heart thumbs up soon. I walked on our garage treadmill this morning while watching 'Waking Ned Devine' on the TV and VCR Francisco set up in there, with less concern that someone might be required to find my body later in the week, next to the still-running treadmill. So already that stress test was totally worth it.

-- I took the cats to the vet that morning and they are both healthy. I was (and still am, actually) worried about Lucy, because she's lost something like 8 ounces since last year. I had the vet do a blood test to check for hyperthyroid and also kidney function and a couple other things, while they were at it, and her results were all normal. So now I don't know what to think about why she's lost weight, except that she's getting old. I don't like it.

-- Lou and I had a fabulous time dining and then making shrinky dinks on Thursday night. I was impressed at how well the shrinky dinks turned out and look forward to experimenting with them more. Lou made shrinky dinks for necklaces for herself and for Frannie, and I did the actual construction of the necklaces--the construction was unsatisfactory, because I only had some stupid fishing line type stuff to work with and it wasn't ideal. But whatever; it'll go better next time.

-- Francisco and I had a really good weekend. We ate good foods, including beets and fava beans from our garden (not together) and we went on an 8 mile run/ride (he runs, I bike ride) and we did other stuff but nothing too ambitious. For whatever reason the weekend felt longer than weekends have been feeling recently, and I was able to say goodbye to him last night without blubbering like a baby.

Two things are pleasing me from this last weekend:

1) *DOCTOR WHO SPOILER ALERT* [in case anyone cares] David Tennant is still The Doctor--Yay! The final episode of the season tied things up nicely and I'm looking forward to seeing who the new companion will be. Also, I would be unsurprised to see Martha Jones and/or Mickey Smith show up on Torchwood next season as regulars, since Torchwood is a couple people down. This is kind of an obvious prediction, for anyone who watches both shows, but I'm making it anyway.

2) When we were on our run/ride on Sunday morning, we were in farmland and we passed a house where some kind of shepherd dog came out to herd us as we went past. I thought at first that he intended to chase us, but no, we were herded. We loved it, and I suspect the dog did too.

This is all I have time for right now.




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