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As part of my job, I'm alla the time looking at other people's tax returns, and something I see with startling regularity is this scenario: Student's parents are divorced, mom is remarried, mom doesn't work, stepdad is supporting mom and her children. And please understand that I have no PROBLEM with that, but I can't help but wonder who these men are who are supporting women with teenaged children, and was that the arrangement from the beginning, or did she work when they got married and then stop? I just have so many questions about this that will never be answered, including "How can I get Francisco to be more like those men?" KIDDING! (sort of) We could live off Francisco's salary [which is not high, but our expenses aren't high either], but I would prefer to work so we have money to travel and cover emergencies and oh yeah send the Shark to college if he decides to go. So I will continue to work, but let the record show that I AM DEFINITELY RETIRING FIRST.

This evening after work, I'm going to 5:30 yoga here at the school. They're offering 8 weeks of Tuesday evening yoga to employees, for $55, and I'm signing up. Yay! I haven't done yoga in forEVER, though, so it might be laughable, but who cares? Not me, that's who. I was planning to ride my bike to the rental house directly after work, feed Motherboy, and then go straight back to the college for yoga, but Motherboy was waiting for me this morning so I fed her then instead. Hopefully she will not also wait there for me after work, because I gave her all the food I had with me this morning. She's getting used to my bike now; she's less spooked and is letting me pet her like normal. I hope she keeps coming around and that I'm able to fatten her up.

Something besides yoga that I'm excited about this week is having my niece, Lou, over on Thursday evening for dinner and crafts. We're going to make Shrinky Dink necklaces, which is something I hadn't even considered until seeing Shrinky Dink stuff at Jerroll's (a store near my employer), but how fun is That going to be?? Very, that's how fun. I'm not sure what I'll make for dinner, but something inoffensive to Lou's sensibilities, and of course we'll need to have a lovely dessert to cement the idea that spending time with Auntie Eva is pure heaven, right? It'll be a nice treat for me, as well, after my stress test earlier in the day, especially since I decided to add on a stress test of a different kind and take the cats in for their yearly checkup at 8 that morning. I figured as long as I'm taking the whole day off, I might as well accomplish that also. The treadmill stress test will be a vacation in comparison to the vet trip, let me tell you.

Can I ask you a question? What did we do to slack at work before internet and email were invented? I can't, for the life of me, remember how I goofed off before I had the internet to distract me. Although, Lambie, if your answer is that you are far too young to remember a time before the internet existed, it would probably be best if you kept that to yourself. I am not hearing from any toddlers or fetuses today, thankyouverymuch.

This morning I went to turn on the front lawn sprinkler and was confronted by the spectre of a dead pigeon surrounded by a 15 foot radius of feathers and fluff. This was no ordinary pigeon homicide; the murderer clearly enjoyed every second of it. I think it's the neighbor's dog, because I can't imagine a cat spreading feathers like that, you know? And cats are USUALLY more clinical when they kill, whereas dogs are a little too joyful about it. I went back inside for gloves and a plastic sack, and disposed of the poor (partially eaten) thing in our garbage can before turning on the sprinkler. It wasn't actually in our yard (was on the property line), but the idea of watering the corpse was too gruesome.

In closing, Francisco and I recently started watching Spaced, and it is really funny. It's on BBC America, natch. I recommend giving it a look.




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