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WRITE THIS DOWN: The Doctor Who episode 'Blink' is being shown on BBC America this next Sunday, August 3rd, at 12 noon Pacific Standard Time. Times will vary, obvs, depending on where you live, but if you want to see the episode, that at least gives you a place to start. If you don't want to see the episode, then clearly that is up to you, but you'll be missing something good. I'm just saying.

Yesterday Francisco and I finally cooked a recipe from the Two Fat Ladies' 'Obsessions' cookbook. We've had the book for years but had never actually made anything from it, and what we cooked was fava beans [from our garden!] with bacon--it was delicious but half an hour after I ate it, my gallbladder started hurting. Really, gall bladder? Just from that little bit of bacon? Oh, and that little bit of heavy cream? Mind you, it wasn't a gall bladder ATTACK, which I understand are super painful, it was just kind of like my gall bladder was grumbling. My mom had gallstones and had to have her gall bladder removed, and I predict I will have to also, someday, based on the complaining my gall bladder sometimes does when I eat fatty foods. And now I shall stop typing the words 'gall bladder', and none too soon.

It was a pretty good weekend, but I wonder if I'll stop hating Sundays at some point before Francisco finishes the police academy. Sunday mornings are fine, but as soon as it's after noon, I start feeling weepy, because he's going to have to leave. He left at 5:00 yesterday and at about 6:30 he called to say he'd forgotten his uniforms at home and was going to have to come back for them. I convinced him to let me meet him partway with them, because I hated to think of him driving all the way back, so we met at mile marker 78 (Golf Course Road) and he took the uniforms. I then went back home and bravely continued my solitary existence. Specifically I bravely ate leftover French toast and fed the cats their tuna treat and watched Ebert and Roeper, before hitting the sack early and laying awake for at least an hour and a half. I've never slept well on Sunday nights and now I have another reason to lay awake, i.e. readjusting to sleeping alone. I mean, it's not a Big Deal, and I am going to stop whinging about it Right This Minute, but I am just reporting the facts, one of which is that I slept badly last night. And it's not that I miss Francisco in my sleep, or anything nauseating like that; it's that I keep hearing noises (phantom noises) that make me think there are burglars. I'm sure I'll sleep better tonight, The End.

Okay, so I watched this video on YouTube a few months ago, and I watched it again today because I love it so much. I think everyone should watch it, but I'm not trying to boss you or anything. I just love Joy Nash, and not only for the rant; her other videos are great too [Fruit & Fly #4 is hilarious]. So you do what you want, but I know what I'd do if I were you. Hint hint. Nudge nudge. Chirp chirp. Meow meow.

Last night when Francisco left, I immediately went to feed my favorite former kitten. She's been showing up at the old house again--which thankfully is still not rented--and I've been feeding her on my way home from work. She's very skinny and she's afraid of my bike, and it makes me sad to see her all skinny and nervous like that, but at least I can give her some food and pet her as much as she'll let me, which is not that much when my bike is present. In a couplethree more months her kittens should be able to fend for themselves. It is my plan to kidnap her at that point and take her home and get her spayed and get her some shots and hopefully find a great home for her. If I can't find her a home, I will either have her live as our outdoor cat, or if she's unhappy, I'll take her back to the old house. I WANT her to be my cat, but getting her vaccinated and ensuring she won't have to have other kittens would at least be SOMEthing, right?

Francisco has been voted president of his academy class, and in part this means he's in charge of bossing the class when they march places. He will be occasionally using cadences, and I got him to agree to maybe use some cadences that The Janets come up with. I presented them with this challenge today and they did not disappoint. The entries so far:

from Jen:

If you're down and feeling blue,
get yourself a bowl of stew.

Cats and kittens, young and old,
they are very soft to hold.

Even if you think it's nice
Do not step on baby mice.

Gin and vodka, beer and rum,
No cold drinks till we are done.

Squeeze real tight around the throat,
That's the way to kill a goat.

from Violet:

I like kittens, I like beer
Nothing 'bout that makes me queer

The US Government gets their way
I can't ask you if you're gay

Someone in here must confess
When he's alone he wears a dress

My new iPhone has a perc
Surfing porn while I'm at work

Dolenz, Tork, and Jones are sweet
But Michael Nesmith can't be beat

from Tracy:

We don't take no guff from cons
Take them down on their front lawns
Spitting, screaming, we don't care
Book them in they underwear.

Boxers! 1-2. Whities! 3-4.
Speedos! 1-2. G-strings! 3-4.

Oh man. I hope he will use some of these, because I think they're brilliant.

Have a good night!




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