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The salad has been had, and my second in command boss made devilled eggs! They were pretty good, and the salad lunch thing was fun and went on for, like, an hour and a half. That's 90 minutes I don't need to spend pretending to work, so there you go.

I was given some very nice presents for my birthday. My parents gave me a pretty red sweater and a soldering iron (I've been wanting a soldering iron). My sister and her fiance sent me the world's coolest purse, made out of an album cover and album--in this case a Rocky Horror Picture Show album cover and album. I LOVE it! Boy gave me some soap that smells fantastic and is really creamy and nice. Francisco gave me a necklace, a book of sweater patterns (really good ones), a pilates book set, and a balance ball with how-to videotape. Francisco's mom sent me a sparkly bracelet, and I'm wearing it today, though it doesn't really go with my outfit. I'm also wearing the necklace Francisco gave me, and am using the purse my sis gave me. What a haul, huh? We saw Elf and it was really funny--I recommend. I do Not recommend cake with buttercream frosting, or at least I don't recommend the cake from the Mad Hatter Bakery in Durham, NC. That buttercream frosting was like barely sweetened crisco, and I was intensely grossed out. Funny; I wrote about the Mad Hatter in my very first diary entry, and I still like that place, but not their buttercream frosting. Also, they got rid of the heads when they changed locations. Where are the heads? They need the heads!

Yesterday I did very little. I did a wee bit of cleaning and a soupcon of laundry, plus finishing up the ornaments for the swap and packaging them up (Francisco mailed them today--he's a peach). And....that was about it, other than watching too much television, courtesy of Tivo. It was a lazy day. Oh, and Francisco dyed my hair with temporary (24 shampoo) dye in a sort of red color, and it's sort of fun but mostly it's aggravating. I forgot that temporary color stains my towel, and last night I must've gotten all sweaty at some point, because the color is on my pillowcase too. Yuck. Fortunately the towel and pillowcase are white, for my bleaching convenience.

And now I'm going home to be warm and comfortable with the guys and the cats and my pajamas. Quality time with the pajamas is just what I need right now.


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