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Uch. That last entry was whiny and petulant and I was being a big baby. I'm not going to delete it, but I'd like to. On Monday I'll accept the salad attention with good cheer, and who knows? Maybe it'll be just the thing.

Currently I'm sitting at the kitchen table while Francisco makes my requested breakfast, banana/chocolate chip pancakes. I've never had pancakes with bananas And chocolate chips before, so possibly it is one ingredient too many, but I doubt it. There's a small pile of gifts on the table to be opened after the pancakes, and I'm feeling like the richest, luckiest 36 year old big baby in the world right now. After the presents will be the showering and getting dressed, and after that, we're going to see an early showing of Elf. I know lots of people dislike Will Ferrell, but he makes me laugh really hard, and that's the kind of thing you want on the day you turn 36, right?

I dreamt of hippos this morning--they were as vicious and menacing as they are in real life. Luckily I and my team of African river seeders (I have no idea what kind of seeds we were throwing into the river, but in the dream they were very beneficial) managed to outwit them. You wouldn't think hippos would be such total bastards, would you? They look so peaceful lying around in ponds and rivers like they do. But then you see a documentary about hippos and their rampages and how they bite people's arms off, and your whole opinion changes.

Ooh! Pancakes are almost done; I gots to go. Have a great day!


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