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Last night when I arrived home I got out of the car and approached the house, and I saw a cat in our front yard. A very familiar looking cat, who meowed while legging it toward me at a good clip. It was Lucy. I scooped her up and took her in, demanding to know why she was in the yard, and apparently she'd escaped the house 15 minutes before, when Francisco left the door open briefly. Esther had escaped too but they saw her get out and chased her down right away. Lucy had been sneakier and got to stay out longer, but it's been awhile since she's been out, and I think she was a bit freaked by the experience. I was a bit freaked at the thought that I might have run over her in the driveway, since it was dark and I had no idea she would be out, but it didn't happen so I'm not going to waste time thinking about the horror that might have been.

I watched Joe Millionaire 2 last night for the first time, and I am grieved I didn't watch from the beginning. Those women are fascinating. They are rarely without a glass of wine or a cigarette, and I loved the way they said to each other, "You are so rude. Why are you so rude?", and "I really don't like you". The guy who is the fake millionaire is so insipid he is almost personality-free, and I cannot believe any of the women--whoever he ultimately chooses--would want to be with him after they find out he's broke. They're in it for the money, for sure, even that Linda woman who was "so sad" and "missed him so much" when she decided to leave the show that she begged to come back and they let her. I can hardly wait for next week--I hope they do a big recap so I can see some of the stuff I missed.

And as long as I'm on a television roll, let's talk Survivor. Johnny Fairplay? Is one of the biggest asses in Survivor history; he is the survivor I love to hate. I can't put him in the evil Jerri category, because he's not evil; he's just lame and thinks he's some big mastermind. I can't wait until he gets his comeuppance, and I hope it's not soon because I want him to think he's going to win and Then get the boot. It would just be that much sweeter. I don't have much to say about the other survivors at this point, except I really like Rupert and think he deserves to win. He's had his whiny, assy moments, but not many and he's turned out to be good at just about every challenge. It was very smart of him to give away his reward last week, because that way he avoided people being envious of him and also avoided people talking behind his back when he would've been out of camp. Smahht. I vote for Rupert.

Yesterday morning I did some exercise stuff with the Balance Ball, and was startled last night to notice my abs are sore (startled only because I forgot I did anything to warrant it). This is a very good thing, and as soon as Francisco figures out how to hook the vcr up to the tv again (had to unplug it to make room for Tivo) I'll be doing that balance ball videotape on a regular basis, even though I look very silly while doing it. Francisco bought some kind of separate pluggy-in box for all the television accessories, but we're short a couple of cables so the vcr is once again unplugged. Haven't tried the Pilates yet--I'd planned to do that this morning but didn't end up getting out of bed. I laid awake for a little while at around 3, because I had to get up and use the bathroom and when I was up I heard Esther cough in the living room, so I pilled her. That woke my brain up enough that I couldn't get right back to sleep, and when I just managed to doze off, she coughed again--a longish coughing fit--and there's no way I can sleep through that. Slept in until 6:40, but I'm going to take a walk later while my computer is being updated by our computer guy, since there's nothing else I can do then anyway.

In the mail yesterday was a letter from the hospital lab, regarding that antibody test I had done awhile back and had basically forgotten about. This was a test my endocrinologist had ordered, and the test indicated my hypothyroid was caused by an autoimmune thing. Thanks a lot, immune system--make my thyroid the Last thing you attack, bitch. The test results don't change anything about the meds I need to take; the results just tell me why my thyroid stopped working. Usually it's a hereditary thing, but no one in my family has ever had thyroid problems, so I was suspecting an autoimmune thing might be the culprit. Now I know, right? Right. Meh.

Have you ever seen 'The Contenders'? That is one crazy/interesting movie. It's a fake reality television thing about people chosen at random (by their national id numbers) to participate in a tv show where 6 people have to hunt each other down and kill each other, and the last person alive wins. Participation is mandatory and if anyone tries to run away or get out of the show, they are hunted down. Bizarre premise, and riveting movie. It's available on Netflix if you want to order it up. Oh, and Eddie Izzard's 'Circle' is great, but you knew that already.

I'm going to go now and do the only work I have available--whee! It sucks.


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