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Last week I stated my longing for a life referee who would come around and yellow card me if I was wasting time, but over the weekend I started thinking, why can't I yellow or red card people if I see them doing something they shouldn't? I mean, aside from the high probability that I would be beaten senseless? I just think it would be funny, like if I witnessed someone do something very rude I could blow my whistle and march over, yellow card held high. "Ma'am, when you cut that lady off and called her a bitch just then? That's against the rules and I need to take down your name. If I have to card you again, you'll be ejected from today and will have to sit the next day out." The beating would then commence and that's when it would stop being funny, but up until then? LAUGH RIOT.

Things I've been doing the past few days:


Allow me to explain. Our air-conditioner/heater broke on Sunday morning, and remember how I said the weekend before last it was so cool and lovely? That didn't take; it's been in the high 80s/low 90s for a week, so even though it's practically fall, it really isn't. A guy came out yesterday to look at the thing to see if it could be fixed, and it theoretically could, but to fix it would cost $2,800 (broken compressor) and to replace it with an identical unit would be $3,000. They will install the new unit tomorrow, and at least now when we're selling the house we can note the new heat/AC unit as a selling point. I'm glad this will be resolved soon, especially because this morning it was so hot in the house I had to bring my makeup to work and put it on here, since I was sweating too much to apply it at home. Groce. Also, I can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure the lizard is behind this in some way. I saw him again on Saturday, sunning himself on the kitchen floor just as casual as you please. What cheek that lizard has! What unmitigated gall! I opened the door and tried to shoo him out onto the deck, but he scurried into the vent again; lather rinse repeat. Hopefully he'll meet up with the enormous spider that was in the living room this morning (no. ENORMOUS) and that also scurried into a vent when Francisco tried to capture him in an inverted glass. That lizard needs to earn his keep and he can start by devouring Mr. Big & Furry; thank you cooperate.

Your Song of the Day is Iron & Wine and Calexico's 'Dead Man's Will', at Pimps of Gore. If you haven't liked the other Iron & Wine songs I've recommended, you won't like this one, but if you have liked them, by all means hie thee hence to pick it up.

On Friday afternoon Francisco and I went to see 40 Year Old Virgin, and oh man that movie is funny. I was happy we had the entire theater to ourselves so I could laugh as much as I wanted without sounding like a dork, for laugh I did. Like a dork. Another movie we watched this weekend (via Netflix) was Anchorman, and it was pretty funny in places but not as funny overall as I wish it had been. Paul Rudd was in both of those movies, and as a result I have developed a powerful crush on him, because in both movies he totally went for it--really cheesed it up. I LOVE when people go all-out for comedy.

Ooh, speaking of which, Leslie Hall! I started a Flickr group for pics of her a couple of weeks ago, and we have 7 members now. This is not a lot, but I'm confident the group will grow as news of her beats and gems spreads across this land, and of course as she plays more concerts where people take pictures. That last thing is kind of key. Anyway, there's a new article up at her site; it's an interview someone did of her for an alternative paper in Vermont, and it's some good reading. An excerpt (re: her traveling gem sweater museum): "I am traveling all over America rescuing Gem Sweaters and spreading Gem Sweater Awareness," Hall announces in the short but colorful press release for her September 9 show. "I use the power of hip-hop music and photography to display and showcase the lovely sweaters for what they are, true works of art. My collection of 150 Gem Sweaters brings the art of lady wear and tender crafts to all who seek it." The brilliance of that statement knocks me on my ass, figuratively speaking. She is AMAZING and I hope the gem sweater bus comes to a city near me. Soon!

Public Service Announcement: The movie, Serenity, opens on September 30th--a mere 10 days from now--and I am positive it will be completely fantastic. I've read excellent reviews from people who have seen it early, and I believe them 100%. I can hardly wait to see the movie and will, in fact, be taking off work a couple of hours early so we can get tickets to see a twilight show. I know this is geek behavior, but I do not care. If you don't know what movie I'm talking about and have never seen the television show, Firefly, on which the movie is based, AND if you have the FX channel, listen up. FX has been showing the episodes and appears (from the Tivo listings) to be showing all the episodes back to back on September 27th, so if you'd like to see them, the 27th would be a good time to do it. That is all.

This weekend, in between seeing movies and watching soccer and sweating while sitting immobile in the house, Francisco and I took two long railroad track walks, as documented on Flickr. I got a bit of a sunburn on Sunday, but only a bit, and even though it was hot out both days, they were good walks. Sharky didn't walk with us, as he is firmly entrenched in his lazy teenager stage, but maybe we'll make him go with us next time. Speaking of Sharky, I have two things to report about him. 1) He's taken to carrying a martial arts type bandana thing around in his pocket at school so if any kids get surly with him and act like they want to fight (98% of the time it's just posturing), he can tie it around his head, thus diffusing the situation with comedy. He and his friend, Ryan, have successfully used this technique at least once, and Ryan borrowed it another time when he was attempting to woo a girl through laughter. Not sure of the success of that second venture. 2) His new thing to say to us, when we won't let him do something he wants to do, is "Brotha tryin' to keep a man down!" He acknowledges this is backwards of the "man tryin' to keep a brotha down", but he's saying it anyway, frequently, because it got such a big laugh the first time.

Last night, since it was so hot in the house, we left some windows open while we slept, and both Francisco and I started out with just a sheet covering us (or maybe he didn't even have that--he's kind of a nudist). In the middle of the night I woke to find him covering me up with the blankets, because it had gotten chilly in the room, and that has left the sweetest impression on my day. I'm so fortunate to have such a good man to share life with, I can't even tell you.

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