let the carding commence


Francisco has informed me the new air-conditioning/heating unit is installed and the house is cooling to its usual moderate temperature, so now I don't have to dread going home to a house that's warmer than it is outside. We're going to get this sweating under control, by God! SAVORY. [™Dreas]

Twyla [Francisco's sister] has informed me via the guestbook that her husband, Sonny [another alias--people, my diary is chock full of mystery and intrigue!] yellow and red cards Twyla and their daughter Lou sometimes, so my carding idea isn't original, but I didn't know Sonny did that. I have to say, it Thrills me to have had the same idea as Sonny, because I like and admire him greatly and believe him to be a genius, so now I can trick myself into thinking I must also be a genius, by default. I looked at my reserve notebooks to see if I had one suitable for writing down people's names after I card them, and lo and behold I have one that's perfect--a small, pink Hello Kitty one I think Atomic gave me. I have the police whistle Sharky gave me for my birthday last year, so all I need are the red and yellow cards. I figure I can go to the hardware store and get red and yellow paint chips--the larger sized ones--because that's funnier to me than cutting squares out of posterboard or something. I'll tape two of each color back to back and voila! I'll be all ready to start my carding campaign. I'm going to do it only at work for awhile, which is the perfect place to start because my coworkers can't hit me or they'd get fired.

Your Song of the Day is Hello Saferide's 'Get Sick Soon', at songs: illinois. This song has much to recommend it; you should check it out.

This morning we had a little breakfast party [party #1237, if you're keeping track] for our new student worker, because it's his 18th birthday today. He's such a nice boy and is a little homesick so I'm glad we could do a small thing for him. I couldn't think of anything to bring to contribute to the breakfast foods, since people were already bringing muffins, juice, danishes, a biscuit assortment (plain plus ones containing breakfast meats), donuts, and fruit, so I bypassed food altogether and made him some cds this morning instead. I love love love to make cds for people, and I just hope he'll like at least some of the music, since I have absolutely zero knowledge about his taste in music.

Recently I've been inspired by Catie's affirmations and today decided to do some myself. All the way to work I told myself, "I am Really good at my job", and "I can't believe how much energy I have today!". This afternoon I tried out telling myself "I genuinely prefer healthy foods over unhealthy but very delicious foods", until I got the giggles and had to stop. I'm going to keep up this affirmation thing--I think it helps.

I forgot to tell you how, on Monday, the parent of one of my students came to visit and she brought me a present. I've tried to dissuade her from bringing me things, because she does it a lot and it's completely unnecessary, but she keeps doing it. I think she really likes to give people gifts, which is totally sweet, but I feel sort of guilty, like I'm taking advantage of her somehow. ANYway, what she brought me is completely BOSS--3 whole sets of light strings that have small, pale pink marabou puffs on them. I put them up in my office yesterday--no mean feat, as these walls seem to be made of granite--and they are so festive! My coworkers and I are delighted, and today I took pictures of the lights so I can email the pictures to the Nice Lady to show her how cool the lights are. I will also post pics on Flickr of the lights and my office in general, since I spend so much damn time here, in case anyone cares to see my natural habitat.

Okay, going home now to bask in coolness and have some dinner. Have a great night!

PS I hardly ever look to see who here on Diaryland lists me as a "favorite" (or whatever), but today for some reason I looked at that and found I've been dumped by several people, so now I kind of wish I hadn't looked. However, I do realize I haven't been on the top of my game, diary-wise, for the past.....few months? Awhile, anyway. So I accept the dumpings as legitimate and why oh why don't they love me any more? must...not...cry... will not lose sleep over it. |


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