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Okay, so, I called in sick to work today, because I still don't feel good and I have a little fever, and dammit, I just didn't want to go. The morning has been very leisurely so far [aside from having a poopy foot emergency with Lucy, that is. Joyce! The paper towels and something to help me forget.] and I'm feeling very happy because I just read Kimmy's excellent news. It's just super fantastic and I'm really happy for them. Later today I plan to knit and watch a Viggo Mortensen movie Tivo recorded (he's dreamy...), plus maybe some soccer, and I will also take a shower. As you can see, big things are afoot.

Your song of the day is A Girl A Smoke, by Revue Noir, on their site. I love this song; it is so choice. I highly recommend picking it up, since you have the means.

Huh, maybe I'll have that shower now.

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