it's time.


Dear Universe,

It was very kind of you to leave the Cover Girl invisible concealer, all sealed in its pack, on the ground next to my car today, but if you have something to say, just say it! I know you meant it for me, Universe, because it is my color: Zombie White. So, thank you and all that, but if you meant it as constructive criticism, I don't know why you can't just be direct; I can take it.


PS I would rather have had Kenny Rogers tickets.

Today is my birthday and I'm 38. So far today I got some lovely presents:

An Indian cookbook I'd been wanting, from Sharky
Another good book (can't remember the title but I also wanted it) from Francisco
The A&E Pride and Prejudice miniseries dvds, from Francisco
A Beadazzler (!) from my parents--I can hardly wait to bedazzle things
A lovely pair of earrings and set of orange cloth napkins from Francisco's mom

I opened them all before work, because that's how I do birthday gifts. I skipped breakfast because I'd been tipped off that the office was going to do a bagel birthday thing instead of cake, and we did that at 9:30-ish--it was very fun. I had 1/2 a bagel only because I wanted to be sure I was hungry for lunch, since Sharky and Francisco were taking me out for Indian food. [Sharky had a dentist appointment this afternoon, so Francisco sprang him from the joint (aka school) early so he could come to lunch too.] Lunch was delicious and it was after lunch that the Universe gave me the concealer. In a few minutes the second in command boss will break out some beer, for a continuation of my birthday shenanigans, because she is wonderful and kind and knows I like beer. After that I'll go home and have dinner while watching the Liverpool/Fulham game Tivo recorded today. Is it weird I'm more excited about the game than about any other thing today? I guess yes, it's kind of weird, but whatever, I'm obsessed.

Gotta run--it's just about beer time!

UPDATE: The Liverpool/Fulham game was from 3 weeks ago, so we've already seen it. Universe, don't think the concealer makes up for this! |


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