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Not a lot to update you about, except Francisco bought us a new dishwasher today, because the one we have is old (put in when house was built, 15+ years ago), loud, and most importantly, semi-broken. We figure that, like with the new heat pump, when we put the house on the market, "new dishwasher" will sound good, and we can enjoy it in the meantime.

They gave us a free box with the dishwasher, and that's the part Esther likes best:

Esther and the dishwasher box

Songs of the Day:

Jack Johnson -- Sitting, Waiting, Wishing, at Veritas Lux Mea.

Fatlip -- What's Up Fatlip?, at My Old Kentucky Blog. Miles emailed me this song a few months ago and I love it, so of course it has to be a song of the day, now that I have a place to point y'all to. Highly Recommended, and there are two other great Fatlip songs there as well.

Pink Martini -- Brazil, at ANAblog--scroll down and click on Pink Martini for the song.

The Halo Benders -- Don't Touch My Bikini, at Scenestars.

Monty Python -- Look on the Bright Side of Life, at Spread the Good Word.

MC Hammer -- Hammertime, at When Apes Rule the Earth!.

Luxxury -- Something Goin' On, at Copy, Right?. Good cover!

Do you know what Francisco did yesterday, to enhance my enjoyment of the Liverpool game which turned out to be a rerun of a game we'd seen only we didn't know it until we tried to watch it? He made meat pies for dinner. This is because we have it on good authority that what people eat at soccer games in England is meat pies (here it's probably hot dogs and nachos); wasn't that sweet? They were good too, and it was the first time he made them. He's a culinary master, he is.

Running off home now.
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