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I recently made a change that I thought would be a difficult adjustment but which has actually turned out to be pretty easy: I switched to putting one space between sentences, instead of two like I'd been doing since I learned to type, at age 14. I BET YOU DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE, INTERWEB. I do and I do for you but you don't notice my efforts! I don't know why we're still together; everyone tells me I should break up with you but I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.

Do you know who you should pay attention to, if not me, Interweb? These boys. The one on the left is my favorite.

Last night, in addition to whatever the hell it was I did (dinner, a bit of television, reading, putting dishes in the new dishwasher--LOVE), I also received another gift in the mail, from Francisco's sister and her husband. It's this book, which, as you can see, has received very favorable reviews from everyone except Patrick Britt, of Greenville, SC. I'm sure Mr. Britt is wrong in his assessment, and anyway, he admits upfront to being a bore, so the book is probably too exciting for him. I can hardly wait to read it!

Yesterday morning the electricity went off for about 5 seconds and came back on. That happens sometimes, so no big deal; we thought nothing of it. HOWEVER. This morning Francisco checked the Tivo listings and found out everything Tivo "recorded" yesterday was actually just nothing--this is because the cable box we now have (acquired when we subscribed to super cable for the purpose of getting the Fox Soccer Channel) didn't turn itself back on after the electricity lapse, like every other electrical device in the house did [the cable box is a loner, Dottie; a rebel]. This meant--ready yourself for the horror--we didn't get Lost! Nooooooooo!!! I was inconsolable for ten seconds-ish after hearing the news, but then I figured I could get my obsessive coworker to tell me every detail of the episode, and I would tell Francisco and Sharky--maybe even act it out. This morning that coworker appeared in my office doorway and I told her we'd had technical difficulties and hadn't gotten Lost, and before I could even ask her to recap it, her right hand extended towards me, and it was holding a videotape. After some inquiries, conducted in my usual crisp, sharp manner ["Buh.....whuh?!"], I found out she tapes it every week and brings it to the office because sometimes another coworker of ours isn't able to watch it. Fortunately the other coworker got to see it last night, so the tape is mine, all mine. Thank you, Universe! This almost makes up for being cheated out of the Liverpool match on my birthday. Almost. I'm still a tiny bit bitter about that.

Catie mentioned a good idea she had once--she had stickers of pigs doing industrious things and she suggested her husband put them on his resume to illustrate how hard-working he is. I think that's a cracking idea ["cracking idea" has been directly stolen from Lex Hall, just so you know. He talks funny because he's a foreigner.], and I might have to try it. NOT when I'm actually looking for a job for real, but just to see if I would get any responses at all from submitting it for job openings. If I couldn't find the industrious pig stickers, or other funny stickers, I could do something like insert one really weird sentence OR one really weird fake job (rodeo clown? wet nurse?) into an otherwise very professional resume. If I Did get any responses, I could just say I already found a job, but thanks anyway, and therefore not waste any more of the responder's time. It could be fun, don't you think? I'll add it to my mile-long list of potential projects/things to do for fun.

Songs of the Day:

Montt Mardie -- Huckleberry Friend, at Swedesplease.

The Juan MacLean -- Give Me Every Little Thing, at tmwsiy*.

Cake -- Strangers in the Night, at Radio Free Internet.

Tonight I will, as previously mentioned, watch Lost, but I will also manufacture a pan of brownies and a casserole dish of macaroni and cheese (mac&cheese to be baked in the morning before work) for our office's annual Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow. The good thing about this lunch is, for the first time in the 8 years I've worked here, the boss will be absent for it, which means I can not only eat all the meat I want [the boss thinks I'm a vegetarian] but can also relax, since I won't have to worry about cringing from any potential horrific insensitive thing he might say. Awesome!

Another thing that's awesome is Francisco just called to say I got another package--from my friend, Diana. That is so nice of her! She always does thoughtful things like that, whereas I always mean to do thoughtful things but then completely forget about them when the time rolls around to take action. I'm really very good at writing down people's birthdays, but not so good at noticing beforehand that a birthday is coming up so I can do anything about it. Anyway, I'm not worthy, and also, thank you all so much for your nice birthday messages! Y'all rock!!

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