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Our AtomicTonic Xmas exchange ornaments are virtually ready to send (need to get metallic thread to hang them with--decided against ribbon), and these are my favorite ornaments we've made, of the 3 exchanges so far. I'm not going to say yet what they are, but I really really like them.

On Saturday I was taking a break after finishing my chores, and Garden State was on the HBO. I hadn't seen it so I watched the last hour or so, and was shocked--shocked I tell you!--when I saw the part where the guy and his wife and baby were living in an old boat down in that quarry. This means the big idea I had about getting an old boat to live on (on land) instead of living in a house isn't original after all, but also that it's not so crazy as I thought. I can't remember if I talked about the boat idea when I had it, but I was all excited for a day or so until I realized it could be very difficult to deliver a boat of the size I had in mind to a plot of land in central Washington. But maybe not impossible! This boat would be about perfect, especially because it's already on the Columbia River, so it would just need to drive up that river to the middle of WA, and from there get trucked to where I'd want to put it. It's that trucking step that gives me pause, because how big a vehicle would be needed to move a 152 foot long boat? I don't know if it could be done. Does anyone have knowledge about that kind of thing? Any truckers out there come back. Over.

On Friday night, after my second martini, I had the idea to write down every single thing I did on Saturday, but by the time Saturday rolled around, I'd forgotten. This is too bad for you, internet, as it surely would've been a fascinating read. Maybe next weekend.

So, Saturday I did the chores and saw some of Garden State, as mentioned, and Francisco and I also went for a short walk. We got pizza for dinner that night because we didn't feel like cooking. Yesterday we'd planned to go out to lunch but poor Francisco was sick (with a fever and everything) so we stayed home and I babied him mercilessly. I made dinner last night and we all sort of sat around boringly. I did do some knitting and I realized my wrist doesn't hurt anymore--this is recent and good development.

Blah blah blah, that's about all I have to report to you. I didn't do as much as I hoped this weekend.

No songs today.

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