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This morning I dreamt I got fired and it was not a nightmare. My main feeling was "I'm so glad I don't have to work there anymore", but there was an element of "oh crap--where will I make money?". I don't know what I did to get fired--that wasn't in the dream--but there isn't much chance of it actually happening, unless I kick my boss in the crotch or something. Which is unlikely even though I have the pms and always hate my boss very much when I have the pms. I figured out a few minutes ago that, while I may look calm (emphasis on 'may') on the outside during pms, in my brain it's like one of the chaotic driving/fighting scenes from Mad Max. Just a bunch of bald, leather-clad freaks violently riding dune buggies, bringing death and destruction wherever they go. Still, kicking the boss in the crotch really isn't my way, so I guess I'll be keeping this job for awhile.

Did anyone happen to see Cribs last night? It was on during the Superbowl, so probably not many people saw it, but let me tell you, it was fabulous. Well, really only the Robbie Williams segment was fabulous. He was completely mocking the whole thing by being a total dork and making up stuff and...I don't know. It was just very funny. I think my favorite thing was when he led the camera into the backyard and then said, in a hushed tone, "Before you meet my dad, you should know that he spent years working on cruise ships and he doesn't feel comfortable on dry land." We then see his dad in a rowboat in the pool. Robbie says, "Dad, are you going to come into the house soon?", and his dad says something like, "No, I'm okay here". The whole thing was like that; it was so entertaining. I love him now and I barely know any of his music. Just that one song with the video where he ends up taking his skin off and throwing his muscles at the roller skating women.

So I don't have a lot to report. Yesterday I went to the craft store and got a few items and went to Marshalls and almost bought a set of 6 tiny bar glasses (like shot glasses but a wee bit taller), but at the last minute I decided not to. Then I went to Walmart (in the same strip mall) for red fleece, which they didn't have, and almost bought a pink tank top, but then decided not to. I wasn't in an acquisitional mood yesterday, which was good. Really what I've been wanting to do lately is go thrift store shopping, because I love the thrill of the hunt. It would be more fun and motivating if we had better thrift stores around here, but still I can probably find some wool sweaters, which is the main thing I want to look for. Not for wearing, but for felting so I can cut and sew them together for warm blankets. I also want to find a tuxedo shirt, for altering and wearing. I think those are cute. I Also want to find some old books, hardbound, that are basically worthless (either worthless because the pages are falling out or worthless because of topic) so I can take the pages out and put blank ones in, thereby making a journal or something out of them.

Okay, those crst whte strps? Are making my teeth hurt, and I've only used them 3 times now. This morning when I was putting them in I was gagging, because that taste was too much so early in the morning. Francisco thinks I'm being very dramatic about the strps; he doesn't have any problem with the taste or with them hurting his teeth. And okay, I'm sure I'm being at least a Little dramatic, but my god, people. Peroxide tastes horrible, and anyone who doesn't know that has malfunctioning taste buds. No offense, or anything, but I stand by this statement.

My fingernail polish is still looking good, though I can see a tiny bit of wear on the tips now. I'm amazed it's still looking so good. If I'd known I'd enjoy the manicure this much I would've gotten it eons ago, and would've gotten fire engine red polish, instead of this weird brownish red.

Joe Millionaire tonight!

I think that's about it.


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