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From the It Could Be Worse files, my boy coworker was just saying he needs to start planning his 10 year high school reunion, because he was his class president so it's his job. I laughed; oh how I laughed. Because my 10 year reunion was excruciating, but at least I didn't have to plan it. My 20 year reunion is the same year as the boy coworker's 10 year reunion, and am I going? No I am not. I was thinking I might, but forget it. I didn't remember most of my classmates at the 10 year; why would I remember them at the 20 year? Thanks anyway. Next!

Joe Millionaire. Is it just me or did the editors go all out last night? The captioning of the icky slurpy kissy noises and the Disney-esque Zora wildlife thing? Pretty funny. I am still enjoying the show, but that Evan guy gets more and more grotesque every time. He is a clod, pure and simple, and I can't believe those women still even Care to be chosen by him. I don't like any of the women who are left, but if I had to choose the best one, I'd say Zora. She's at least not fake and mean like the other two. But how weird is it that he's keeping her around, after they've had 2 bad dates and she says she doesn't trust him? It's probably his male pride--he wants to make her like and trust him before he offloads her. He is gross. At this point I hope he ends up choosing that Melissa, because she's a total gold digger and she has No poker face. So her reaction to the news that he is poor would be priceless. Here's to hoping.

I can't use those white strips anymore, I just can't. My teeth ached all day yesterday from using them in the morning, so in the evening I bequeathed all of mine to Francisco. My teeth won't be whiter but at least they won't hurt.

Francisco is going to his shooty shoot tonight so it's just me and Boy, partners in crime. I figure we will play some Crash Team Racing, have pizza bagels for dinner, and watch Buffy; AFTER his homework is done, of course. I hope he doesn't have math homework tonight. My grasp on math is tenuous at best, and I am hopeless at explaining the concepts to Boy. Especially now when his math classes are covering more complex things--things I learned once upon a time but have forgotten because I've never once had to use them.

Dear Math,

Oh how I would love to kick you in the neck.



Elsee's latest diary entry cracked me up--you should go read it. I love the picture she's got on there; it is hilarious and pathetic.

I'm hungry and I had more to say but it's time to go home.


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